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Getting Paid or Really Hurtnew

The National Football League might have found its way to win the concussion lawsuit that more than 4,000 former players have brought against the league.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  04-11-2013  |  Sports

Affront Officenew

You think Pirates fans have suffered at the hands of the Nuttings? Try working for them!
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  04-11-2013  |  Sports

Long live the Sacramento Kings? Or hello Seattle Supersonics?new

Sacramento tends to fail when it comes to public subsidies and arenas. And Seattle's offer is a slam dunk. Yet K.J.'s mastered the NBA game. Will Sac get Maloofed again this week, or does the mayor win one final buzzer beater?
Sacramento News & Review  |  Nick Miller  |  04-10-2013  |  Sports

Mind Over Musclesnew

Jiu-Jitsu practitioners use the other person's momentum and weight against them.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  04-07-2013  |  Sports

Final Four Players Should Go On Strikenew

Without NCAA reform, drastic action is needed.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Joeff Davis and Max Blau  |  04-03-2013  |  Sports

The Madness So Farnew

This year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has reached the Sweet Sixteen. We've seen some entertaining games the first weekend, including some surprises no one expected.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  03-29-2013  |  Sports

The Astros: Out of Their League?new

The Houston Astros take on a new season in a tough division with things all-new — uniforms, owner, ­manager, team and rules — not to mention a new/old mascot. And road trips to Dallas.
Houston Press  |  Sean Pendergast  |  03-27-2013  |  Sports

Debate in a Fighting Worldnew

If you missed it, the big news last week comes from a mixed martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox, whose license to fight in the state of Florida under review. Fox is the first openly transgender fighter in the MMA sport.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  03-22-2013  |  Sports

Cowboys and Cutting Horsesnew

A good cutting horse gets down to a cow’s eye level to keep it from the herd.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  03-08-2013  |  Sports

Big Dance Hopesnew

College basketball has been filled with crazy upsets this February, but the real fun begins this Friday when the calendar turns to March.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  03-01-2013  |  Sports

A League of Their Ownnew

A recess favorite of many kids, flag football is gaining popularity with adults as leagues grow across the country.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  02-21-2013  |  Sports

Too Big, Too Strong, Too Fast?new

Do fans and media really want to know how the players in American's favorite sport get bigger, stronger and faster at an advanced pace?
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  02-21-2013  |  Sports

Hit Like a Girlnew

Women boxers in a man's world.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  02-14-2013  |  Sports

The Slatenew

Super Bowl XLVII was a tale of two halves. The Ravens dominated the first half but, thanks to a blackout, the 49ers made it a game worth watching in the second half.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  02-08-2013  |  Sports

Miami Clinic Supplies Drugs to Star Athletesnew

A Miami clinic supplies drugs to sports' biggest names.
Miami New Times  |  Tim Elfrink  |  01-29-2013  |  Sports

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