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Skinheads, KKK, Antifa -- What's Going on in Northeast Philly?new

Stemming from a car accident and recent KKK activity, tensions rise between Neo-Nazis and anti-fascist groups in one Northeast Philly neighborhood.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  09-19-2014  |  Crime & Justice

When the Phillies Suck, The Working Man Suffersnew

A look at how Philadelphia's beer vendors' salaries are directly affected by the team's fortunes.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  08-22-2014  |  Business & Labor

Inside the Lockdown at Community College of Philadelphianew

PW reporter Randy LoBasso teamed with Community College of Philadelphia student Zach Mentzer to write about what it was like yesterday after reports of a gunman on campus locked down the school.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso and Zach Mentzer  |  05-29-2014  |  Crime & Justice

Put This in Your Pipe: Democrats Running for Pa. Governor Support Marijuana Reformnew

Over the last six months, all Pennsylvania's Democrats running for governor have come out for at least some form of marijuana reform.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  03-26-2014  |  Policy Issues

Mumia blames ‘Broad Street Bullies’ for Adegbile’s rejection in Senatenew

After Debo Adegbile's rejection in the U.S. Senate for a Civil Rights position in the Justice Dept., incarcerated radical Mumia Abu-Jamal took to Prison Radio to let his feelings known on the situation.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  03-13-2014  |  Politics

Activist Sued by "American Indian Patriot" Doesn't Accept Court's Rulingnew

A local Philly anarchist helped break up a white-pride event in 2010; almost four years later, one of the event's speakers -- a so-called "Native American Patriot" -- successfully sued him in an Oklahoma court.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  02-26-2014  |  Crime & Justice

How Enroll America is Connecting Philadelphia Restaurant Workers with Obamacarenew

The reporter follows an Enroll America employee (and former bartender) through Philadelphia as he attempts to teach industry workers about Obamacare.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  01-02-2014  |  Health

Mumia supporters liken his imprisonment to Mandela'snew

About 100 youth activists from across Philadelphia gathered at this weekend’s Youth on the Move Forum with one shared goal: For Mumia Abu-Jamal’s legacy to live on, a new generation of social and political activists need to take the helm and spread his message.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  12-13-2013  |  Crime & Justice

An Assassin Confesses: Chris Faraone on his ebook, "I Killed Breitbart"new

Dig Boston news and features editor Chris Faraone says his confrontation with the late Andrew Breitbart raised the ire of "a few Breitbart minions."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  12-12-2013  |  Books

Some Will Lose Their Insurance Under Obamacare—and Ought to Celebratenew

Those with individual insurance plans in Philly are set to get dropped from their plans. Advocates say that's the best thing that could happen to them.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  11-06-2013  |  Health

Not if, but when, marijuana becomes legal in Pennsylvanianew

William Penn founded Pennsylvania as a hemp farming state. When the commonwealth comes around to ending THC prohibition, this and several other industries could save the state.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  10-07-2013  |  Drugs

PA guv hopeful to speak at weekend pot protest, calls police presence ‘ridiculous’new

Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hanger tells Philadelphia Weekly he's never smoked pot, but he wants to legalize it, and the issue will earn him the nomination.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  09-22-2013  |  Elections

Why Yuengling Wants Pennsylvania to be a 'Right to Work' Statenew

The owner of the Yuengling Brewing Company recently noted changing Pennsylvania's labor laws will bring jobs into the state. Evidence suggests he's mostly wrong.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  08-28-2013  |  Business & Labor

A view from inside the Philly Naked Bike Ridenew

Philadelphia Weekly staff writer Randy LoBasso participates in the Philly Naked Bike Ride. This is what he saw.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  08-26-2013  |  Culture

Pennsylvania Fight for Voter ID Far From Overnew

Pennsylvania's Voter ID decision is in the hands of a judge. No matter which way he comes down, the fight is set to go on for several years.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  08-07-2013  |  Politics

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