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Mark Jurkowitz to Replace His Replacement at Boston Phoenixnew

He'll take over as senior writer and media critic, succeeding Dan Kennedy, who's leaving to teach at Northeastern. A decade ago, Kennedy became the paper's media critic when Jurkowitz (pictured) went to work for Boston Magazine -- and, later, the Boston Globe. Writes Kennedy: "I was fortunate enough to work with Mark for three and a half years before taking over his beat. I learned a hell of a lot from him."
Boston Phoenix  |  05-31-2005  2:36 pm  |  Industry News

Boston Phoenix Media Blogger Explains What Wakes Him before 6new

Dan Kennedy tells PR Week he gets up so early to read The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and The New York Times, plus Romenesko, Slate, Salon, Instapundit, Kausfiles, Drudge and other bloggers on the Web. But, he confesses, "I do not watch as much television as I should." The blog is an ill-defined part of his job done primarily for self-entertainment, he says in a Q&A interview.
PR Week  |  07-26-2004  4:32 pm  |  Industry News

Columnist Shuffle at Globenew

Boston Phoenix  |  01-10-2002  9:30 am  | 

WSJ Copies Al-Qaeda Hard-Drivesnew

Boston Phoenix  |  01-04-2002  3:48 pm  | 

Boston Herald Owner Looking to Expand Northnew

Boston Phoenix  |  12-20-2001  1:46 pm  | 

PBS Shows Women Journalists Sometimes Different, Betternew

Boston Phoenix  |  12-20-2001  1:40 pm  | 

Globe Has a Major League Conflictnew

Boston Phoenix  |  12-06-2001  1:02 pm  | 

New York Sun: Hip, Arch, Conservativenew

Boston Phoenix  |  12-06-2001  11:40 am  | 

Media Takes on American Taliban Fighternew

Boston Phoenix  |  12-04-2001  2:59 pm  | 

Harder Than Ever to Pay for NPRnew

Boston Phoenix  |  11-30-2001  9:06 am  | 

Centrist CNN Hounded from Right and Leftnew

Boston Phoenix  |  11-19-2001  4:06 pm  | 

Banfield: GenX in Islamabadnew

Boston Phoenix  |  11-07-2001  12:36 pm  | 

Boston Mag Victim As Business Cycle Strikes Backnew

Boston Phoenix  |  11-02-2001  9:39 am  | 

A Gut-Check for the News Side's Blank Checknew

Boston Phoenix  |  10-25-2001  1:54 pm  |