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Over 35 AAN Publications Collaborate on Letter-Writing Project Ahead of U.N. Climate Change Conference

Over 35 AAN publications will publish Letters to the Future, a national letter-writing project featuring letters from authors, artists, scientists and the general public. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  10-05-2015  4:00 pm  |  Industry News

Two News & Review Newspapers Partner with eVoter

Sacramento News & Review and the Chico News & Review today announced a partnership with eVoter, a website that connects Sacramento and Chico voters to polling place locations, election information, candidate profiles and endorsements prior to California's Primary Election on June 8. "Our readership is involved and interested in local and state politics," says Deborah Redmond of the News & Review. "eVoter will provide information about local candidates and their positions in an easy-to-use format." (FULL STORY)
News & Review Press Release  |  04-22-2010  8:28 am  |  Press Releases

Anthrax Prank Rattles Nerves at Sacramento Weeklynew

An envelope mailed to the News & Review last month contained a CD, a threatening note, and a metal aerosol can marked "anthrax," reports the paper. After notifying the authorities, the weekly's offices were visited by local police, hazardous-materials experts, G-men and assorted officials associated with the local Joint Terrorism Task Force. The sender turned out to be a local crank/activist named Marc Keyser, who had been the topic of a 2002 News & Review cover story on his efforts to protect a local water system from terrorist attacks. Keyser, who claimed the package was meant to alert the paper to the anthrax threat, was not prosecuted. "The FBI showed up at my door and said it caused a bit of a scare," Keyser tells the alt-weekly. "We had a nice chat. They and their families are not vaccinated. But they carry guns."
Sacramento News & Review  |  02-01-2007  5:24 pm  |  Industry News