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It's All Journalism: Designing for the Demands of Media

Josh Kadis talks about designing websites to meet the demands of media outlets and how to analyze metrics to better understand an average reader's habits on a media website. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  12-19-2014  10:00 am  |  It's All Journalism

It's All Journalism: Meet the I-Team

Rick Yarborough and Tisha Thompson are part of the investigative reporting team at Washington, D.C.'s NBC affiliate. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  11-24-2014  11:00 am  |  It's All Journalism

It's All Journalism: Trevor Knoblich has the ONA14 Game Plan

Trevor Knoblich is helping plan the Online News Association's annual conference at the end of September and helped us get a better idea of what to expect in Chicago. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  09-12-2014  11:30 am  |  It's All Journalism

It's All Journalism: How To Market To and Break-Down Content for Mobile

Justin Ellis and Wouter Vermeulen discuss how companies are monetizing mobile. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  08-08-2014  3:30 pm  |  It's All Journalism

It's All Journalism: At Speakeasy, the Content Goes Down Smooth

Generating content for companies for profit rather than news outlets, the Dallas Morning News' content marketing and social media agency Speakeasy is taking off. (FULL STORY)
It's All Journalism  |  08-01-2014  1:00 pm  |  It's All Journalism