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The Millionaire Panhandler

Separating the facts from the myths surrounding panhandling.
The Portland Mercury  |  Joe Streckert  |  09-26-2013  |  Features

Bikes are the New Harlem Shake

For the first time ever I'm going to ride in the World Naked Bike Rideā€”not just because my family jewels are the shiniest you've ever seen, but because I want in on this whole bike craze before it goes the way of the Harlem Shake video.
The Portland Mercury  |  Justin Scrappers Morrison  |  06-04-2013  |  Culture
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Why Won't Her Boyfriend Cut Off His Toxic, Violent, Vodka-Bottle-Swinging Ex?

Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage Long-time reader, first time writer here. I’m a 26-year-old bi woman...
The Portland Mercury  |  02-20-2019  |  Blog Town, PDX

Someone is Posting Fake Anti-Camping Signs in SW Portland

by Alex Zielinski FAKE NEWS. City of Portland The latest attempt by the public to self-police Portland's homeless population looks.....
The Portland Mercury  |  02-20-2019  |  Blog Town, PDX

Timbers Acquire Right Back Jorge Moreira From River Plate

by Abe Asher Austin Webb/Portland TimbersThe Portland Timbers have a new right back. The club announced Tuesday morning that it...
The Portland Mercury  |  02-20-2019  |  Blog Town, PDX
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