Why Local Papers Should Fear the New Local Huffington Post Project

june 25, 2008  10:45 am
"It's scary, or it damn well should be," former free daily paper editor John Wilpers says of Arianna Huffington's recently announced plan to venture into local news. "With her clout and visibility, she may succeed at the aggregation game where others have failed or are struggling. She plans to grab your content and the best local bloggers and citizen journalists -- something we should have done long ago." He says that papers should act now to help fight out the HuffPo incursion, by lining up high-quality local bloggers -- to run not only on your website, but also in your weekly paper. "Your print product is a huge advantage you have over Arianna," Wilpers writes. "She has no external promotional vehicle; you have what amounts to tens or even hundreds of thousands of daily promotional fliers for your bloggers and your website."