Washington City Paper Story Sets Off 'Clique Warfare'

july 17, 2007  02:06 pm
That's what the Washington Post is calling the reaction to City Paper's cover story about the "online 'closed social network' catering to preppy bons vivants" known as Late Night Shots. According to The Hill, the story "had [Late Night Shots] looking very elitist, a little racist and fairly misogynistic. What's more, reporter Angela Valdez named names." Since the story came out last week, City Paper's website has been "on fire" with "threats of lawsuits, attacks on Valdez and a rousing debate on social strata," the Hill reports. Editor Erik Wemple says he knew the story would get some play, but didn't think it would cause such a stir. Writers over at Wonkette remain less-than-impressed by the controversy, and by Late Night Shots in general: "When they quit crying that the mean free alt-weekly made fun of them and get back to coming up with comical terms for date rape and revealing their intense fear of black people without stock portfolios, maybe we'll once again give them the attention they so intensely desire."