Ted Rall's Site Among Those Monitored by Cops Prior to 2004 RNC

may 18, 2007  12:49 pm
On Wednesday, the New York Police Department released documents relating to what the New York Times calls the department's "extensive and secretive surveillance" leading up to 2004's Republican National Convention. Among the documents was a Nov. 13, 2003 dossier (PDF file) that said "activists are talking, some with barely hidden glee, about the possibility of violence" on the syndicated cartoonist's site. Saying it is a "compliment I don't deserve," Rall takes issue with the NYPD's short bio that calls him "a nationally known activist figure." He writes: "I'm no activist ... many of my friends are activists, and I admire them for it. Next to them, I'm a mere lump on a log who opines on current events from behind my computer and drafting table."