San Diego Reader Launches eBook Publishing Program to Re-Introduce Great Writing to New Readers

october 2, 2013  12:00 pm
San Diego Reader Launches eBook Publishing Program to Re-Introduce Great Writing to New Readers
The San Diego Reader is mining gold from its rich archives and releasing the treasures as a collection of six eBooks, the first installment of a series that will showcase the literary quality and historic value of a collection spanning more than 40 years of publishing unique Southern California-flavored journalism.

“We want to reintroduce the best of our writing—and our writers—to a new generation of readers in eBook form, and free from advertising” says Jim Holman, owner and editor of the San Diego Reader. “During its history, the Reader has been fortunate to be the publishing home to such respected contributors as Judith Moore (Fat Girl, A Bad Bad Boy), Laura McNeal (the author of three eBooks in this series) and noted movie critic Duncan Shepherd. I also expect the eBook format to be a platform for new, digital-first content.”

Guiding the Reader’s publishing program is David Wogahn, founder of Carlsbad-based eBook consulting firm Sellbox. “San Diego Reader recognizes that eBooks allow newspapers —and other periodicals—to offer popular content for today’s readers for both profit and promotional purposes,” said Sellbox president David Wogahn. “It’s a smart way to reach new readers, deepen relationships with long-time readers, and build new revenue streams.”
Five of the first six books are part of the newly-launched series Reader Shorts, titles whose length is often referred to as long-form journalism (5,000 to 30,000 words). Those titles are:

1. The Last Meeting of the Dove Club: A Pioneer Family's Tragedy, Laura McNeal (ISBN: 9781939938091). A tragic tale of murder by one of San Diego’s founding family members. It remains one of the most popular stories ever published by the San Diego Reader.

2. The Death of Judy Huscher, Laura McNeal (ISBN: 978- 193993810-7)

3. The Toothpicks: A Mexican Cartel in San Diego, Laura McNeal (ISBN: 978-193993811-4)

4. Tour de Cheesesteak: A lot of Philadelphia in San Diego, Ian Pike (ISBN: 978-193993807-7)

5. First in the Air: The story of John Montgomery's flight 19 years before Kitty Hawk, Jeff Smith (ISBN: 978-193993808-4)

The sixth eBook is A Bad, Bad Boy by the Reader’s former managing editor, and New York Times bestselling author, the late Judith Moore. Originally released in paperback in 2009, it’s the story of Southern California mobster Frank Bompensiero, the basis for Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero in the popular HBO series The Sopranos. (ISBN: 978-193993806-0).

San Diego Reader books are available from a variety of popular eBook stores including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo Books. As of this writing they are available at introductory prices ranging from 99¢ to $2.99 depending on the title and store. More information can be found at

Email requests for review copies of eBooks to: Provide your media outlet affiliation, eBook title interest and contact information.

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