Prisoner Suicide Leads to Hunger Strike at Maine State Prison

october 19, 2006  01:56 pm
Prisoner Suicide Leads to Hunger Strike at Maine State Prison
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Phoenix exclusive has published an exclusive story continuing the paper's award-winning coverage of conditions at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

"Hunger Strike at Maine's Supermax Prison," the story posted last night, details a hunger strike being conducted by inmates in the prison's Supermax unit, protesting conditions imposed on them following the suicide of a mentally ill Supermax prisoner on Oct. 6.

The story is the latest in a series by freelancer Lance Tapley. The first story in the series, "Torture in Maine's Prison," won a first-place 2006 AltWeekly Award for a long-form news story.

Two other prisoners have attempted to kill themselves in the past two weeks, and were saved by guards, briefly hospitalized, and returned to their cells.

Many of the inmates of the Supermax unit have mental illnesses that are either untreated or insufficiently treated, according to mental-health advocates.

Tapley, a freelancer for the Portland Phoenix since 1999, has been covering issues at the prison for nearly a year, exposing troubling conditions and receiving promises from state officials that change will occur. Those changes have yet to happen.

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