Federal Court: Nevada Can Ban Brothel Ads

march 12, 2010  08:44 am
A federal appeals court has ruled that Nevada has the right to ban certain advertisements of legal brothels, saying it doesn't violate the First Amendment of free speech. The decision overturns the ruling of a federal district judge, who held the state did not have the right to impose the restrictions on advertisements after a suit challenging those limits was brought by Las Vegas CityLife, the High Desert Advocate and brothel operator Bobbi Davis. "Nevada has tailored its restrictions on advertising to attain a reasonable fit between ends and means," the opinion reads. CityLife editor Steve Sebelius says he was surprised and disappointed by the ruling. "Given the fact that it is a commodity, I think it's inappropriate for the state to restrict First Amendment-protected advertising about that commodity," he says. READ MORE from Sebelius on his CityLife blog.