Blago Says the Reader Started Media Onslaught That Led to His Fall

september 18, 2009  08:57 am
In his new book, The Governor, Rod Blagojevich points fingers at many local politicians for his fall from grace. But he also blames the press, including the Chicago Reader, for his problems. In the middle of a chapter on how 33rd Ward alderman Richard Mell (who is also Blago's father-in-law) used the media to spread damaging rumors, he writes: "The first story I recall seeing was in the Reader newspaper. I think the title was 'Mell Gets the Shaft.'" He continues: "I felt violated. I felt betrayed. Who goes to the press about his own family?" Ben Joravsky, the author of said article, points out that the story was actually titled "Rod Gives 'Em the Shaft," and then goes on to tell his side of how that story came about.