Basketball Team's Lawyers Want Stranger Columnist Off Witness List

may 29, 2008  03:00 pm
Lawyers for the Seattle SuperSonics' owners don't want Sherman Alexie, the author who also pens the "Sonics Death Watch" column for the Stranger, testifying at an upcoming trial that likely will determine where the team will play next season, the Seattle Times reports. The ownership group wants to pay off the final two years of its lease at Seattle's arena and move the team to Oklahoma City for next season, while the city of Seattle is suing in federal court to force the team to fulfill the lease. "Other than being a season ticket holder, it is unclear what foundation or testimonial knowledge" Alexie would bring to the trial, the owners' lawyers claim in a motion filed Tuesday. "What is clear are his biased, profanity-laden views" about the owners, it continues. The Stranger yesterday posted a profanity-filled fake letter to the judge, which says, among other things, that "it's pig-fuckingly clear that the facts undercut Mr. Taylor's contention that Mr. Alexie is irrelevant to this case."