Baltimore City Paper Comics Contest Judges Want Winning Comic Back

january 28, 2010  10:13 am
Tom Scocca, Tony Millionaire, Dina Kelberman, Benn Ray and Emily Flake have written a letter to City Paper asking the paper to bring back Larnell Custis Butler's "Just Ask Larnell" strip, the most recent winner of the alt-weekly's comics contest. The writers, all of them judges in the contest, allege that the paper "broke the terms of the contest" by dropping the strip before its promised year run was up. But editor Lee Gardner begs to differ. "Contest winner or not, Ms. Butler's comic became part of City Paper's weekly editorial content, and each aspect of that content runs or not at my discretion," he responds. "She will receive full payment for a year's run. I have a good deal of regard and respect for Ms. Butler, but I stand by my decision."