Ballot Issues Not Faring Well, Says New Polling Data in the Colorado Springs Independent

Poll Results in Thursday's Independent Property Tax Measure 2C trailing by 20 points Doug Bruce’s Measure 300 losing by just 5 points, within margin of error Only 56% of Springs Voters believe Obama born in America

october 26, 2009  01:33 pm
Ballot Issues Not Faring Well, Says New Polling Data in the Colorado Springs Independent

This week's Independent provides details of a poll of 400 likely voters conducted Oct. 13-18, as Colorado Springs citizens were receiving their mail-in ballots for this fall’s election.

Just 56 percent of the city's active voters believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. This subset of voters, by a narrow margin, support question 2C, which seeks to raise property taxes in order to prevent significant cutbacks in city services and facilities.

But among the 44 percent of local "Birthers" who do not believe or are not sure if President Obama is an American citizen, ballot measure 2C fails by more than a 5-1 landslide.

Across the nation, about 11% of Americans do not believe Obama was born in the US. "It is unclear why there are so many more 'Birthers' among active Colorado Springs voters than in other states," says Independent Publisher John Weiss.

Overall, the poll of Colorado Springs active voters indicates that just 29.3 percent support ballot measure 2C, while 51.9 percent oppose the measure with the remaining 18.8 percent undecided or would not share their preferences. The poll also indicates that voters are fairly evenly split on Measure 300, Douglas Bruce's attempt to sever financial connections between the city and its enterprises. Among active voters, 28.9 percent plan to vote for Measure 300, 33.8 percent oppose it, while more than a third of active voters -- 37.3 percent -- were unsure how they would vote.

If Measure 300 passes, it will prohibit the Colorado Springs Utilities from making a more than $20 million annual voluntary Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) to help cover its use of city-provided services, police, fire and roads.

"Measure 300 is well within our poll's margin of error and could pass, especially since 37% of Colorado Springs residents are still unsure how they will vote on Doug Bruce's initiative," says Todd Luce, President of Luce Research. "Historically a majority of undecided voters tend to end up voting no and therefore Measure 300 should suffer the same fate as 2C." The poll also found that just 10% of active voters had opinions who should be elected in several school board races. These school districts educate more than 50,000 local students.

"It is disturbing that nearly half of local voters are not sure if President Obama was born in the United States, and thus eligible to serve as our President," says Independent publisher John Weiss. "Just like Senator Joseph McCarthy's false allegations in the 1950s that the US State Department was rife with communists, once a lie gets repeated enough, it takes on the ring of truth." Numerous reporters and observers of all political stripes have viewed Obama's original birth certificate, as well as the 1961 birth announcement that appeared in Honolulu's daily newspaper. State officials have also verified that they hold the commander in chief's original birth certificate.

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Methodology- The Oct. 13-18 poll surveyed 400 "active voters." An "active voter" is defined as a Colorado Springs adult who cast a ballot in the November 2008 general election OR the April 2009 municipal election. More than 85 percent of those surveyed say they plan to vote in this election.

Luce Research, a national survey company based in Colorado Springs, conducted the poll for the Independent. Gender and age ratios were controlled to parallel local voting community. Within those demographic categories, individuals were called randomly at the numbers on their voter registration forms.

In theory, in 19 cases out of 20, findings will differ by no more than 4.9 percent in either direction from the results had every eligible Colorado Springs voter been surveyed.

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