Austin Chronicle Gets In the Halloween Spirit With Ted Cruz Halloween Mask Cover

october 31, 2013  01:29 pm
Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the latest politician to enjoy the dubious distinction of landing on the Austin Chronicle's annual Halloween mask cover. Austin graphic artist Guy Juke, who drew the Chronicle's first Halloween mask cover in 1982, illustrates a nightmarish vision of "Ted-dy Cruz-er." The Houston politician and government shutdown Svengali joins other Halloween cover political punchlines Rick Perry (twice), Tom DeLay, Ross Perot, "the 1%," and the Swine Flu Pig.

Says Austin Chronicle Senior News Editor Michael King: "When it comes to horror, there are few things scarier than a Texas politician on a hard-right rampage. Ted Cruz bloodthirstily embodies democracy's nightmares - don't fall asleep when he's around."

As is tradition, the cover is accompanied by assembly instructions: "Winning a costume contest can be difficult when you're new in town," writes Chronicle Assistant News Editor Brandon Watson. "The majority of partygoers may hate your costume, but that doesn't mean you should give up. You know in your heart that your costume is better than anyone else's. If the host still refuses to give you the prize, you can always shut the whole party down."

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