The Week in Review

Highlights from the week that was on

april 18, 2007  03:31 pm
So it goes: As news organizations across the globe paid their respects to literary legend Kurt Vonnegut, NUVO published what may have been his last interview, given to his friend David Hoppe.

If this is solidarity: SF Weekly's Matt Smith uncovered a slew of documents that point to a "sweetheart deal" between the SEIU and California nursing home companies -- Smith says it impairs, rather than empowers, workers and patients, while inflating dues-paying union ranks.

Death and taxes: Most Americans filed their federal taxes before this week's deadline, but some didn't. Both the New Haven Advocate and Willamette Week looked at the growing movement of war tax resisters.

Ghost soldiers: A Baltimore City Paper investigation examined the Maryland Army National Guard's practice of keeping discharged soldiers on the books to inflate its federal funding.

Memoir-ies: David Sedaris responded in the Shepherd Express to New Republic writer Alex Heard's allegations of fabrication.

Bringing (Un)sexy back: The Boston Phoenix revealed 2007's '100 Unsexiest Men in the World.'

From the Archives:
As Paul Wolfowitz holds on for dear life at the World Bank, it's worth checking out Jason Vest's 2005 Village Voice story chronicling the long list of dubious achievements that have occurred on his watch.

Steal this Story Idea: As part of its "Bike Issue," NOW Magazine undertook its own "Commuter Challenge," sending out three writers to find the most efficient means of getting around town: bike, public transit, or car. Time, calories burned, environmental footprint and cost per year were all totaled up -- it's probably not a mystery who "won," but it's a good read and an easy project to execute nonetheless.