Alt-Weekly Writers React to 'The Weekly'

july 21, 2008  12:17 pm
"I suspect I know how this new show, tentatively titled The Weekly, is gonna go," writes Washington City Paper's Mark Athitakis about a sitcom "set in the office of a dishy alternative weekly publication and blog" that ABC is considering. "I've seen plenty of portrayals of journalists on TV after all," he writes, before offering some sample dialogue. "Don't think what follows is funny? Fine; the show is being produced by a co-creator of The King of Queens, so I'm just being spot-on." Salt Lake City Weekly's Bill Frost says he's curious about the new venture because he had a similar idea. "I wrote a sitcom pilot script about an alt-weekly newspaper office four years ago and submitted it to Bravo's reality-competition show Situation: Comedy," Frost writes. "Sure, my script sucked -- but it was still better than any Fox comedy of the last decade or so. ... Maybe I'd better dust that dog off and submit it to The CW ... while they're still in business."