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Gilded Cagenew

Curse of the Golden Flower completes Zhang Yimou's trilogy.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Curt Holman  |  01-17-2007  |  Reviews

Kicking and Schemingnew

To enjoy the film for the spectacle it is, it's best to simply go along with the turns of loyalty and tangled connections, savoring the detailed costumes and beautifully turned-out sets.
Eugene Weekly  |  Molly Templeton  |  01-11-2007  |  Reviews

Golden Slumbernew

The story is meager and disjointed.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  12-22-2006  |  Reviews

Just a Little Distancenew

Hero director Zhang Yimou's newest gets a little lost in translation.
Eugene Weekly  |  Molly Templeton  |  10-23-2006  |  Reviews

Songs of the Road

On one level, Riding Alone is Zhang’s most sentimental film, with lots of tear-jerking and even some outright blubbering. It’s also a remarkably sanguine portrait of the Chinese penal system, which proves unconvincingly receptive to the fixation of one bull-headed Japanese tourist.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  10-20-2006  |  Reviews

Opera Bouffenew

This Chinese film by veteran Zhang Yimou is a tale about good intentions and missed opportunities.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten  |  10-12-2006  |  Reviews

House Rulesnew

Zhang Yimou's House lets loose the passions restrained in arthouse-meets-grindhouse kung fu flicks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and his own Hero.
Columbus Alive  |  Melissa Starker  |  01-18-2005  |  Reviews

Soap and Daggers in Ninth Century Chinanew

The swooning visuals, the expert choreography, the teasing love story, and the puzzle-piece plot all combine to give this martial arts movie the spirit of a star-cross'd swashbuckler.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  01-13-2005  |  Reviews

Cinematic Swoon Over Operatic Action Flicknew

In addition to its essential love story, House of Flying Daggers is a class tale of characters who are pawns in larger political forces and whose endless battles have a sad futility. The characters fight for their masters, squandering lives that should be spent in love.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Felicia Feaster  |  01-13-2005  |  Reviews

Cuts Like a Knifenew

To say that actress Ziyi Zhang burns like a young sword-wielding Audrey Hepburn, would slight a masterpiece that must be seen to be believed.
SF Weekly  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  12-21-2004  |  Reviews

An Empire of Twonew

Zhang Yimou takes the politics out of his new historical romance. But the movie also feels like opera with the music taken out.
Seattle Weekly  |  Brian Miller  |  12-15-2004  |  Reviews

This Hero Is No False Idolnew

If Douglas Sirk had made martial arts movies they probably would have looked something like Zhang Yimou's stunning new opus.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten  |  08-26-2004  |  Reviews

Vibrant Hero Reconsiders Revenge Filmsnew

An Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003, Hero plays less like a conventional action film than a grand master's chess game, and it unfolds with a cold yet dreamlike beauty.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Curt Holman  |  08-26-2004  |  Reviews

Zhang, He’s Good!new

A Chinese master’s swashbuckling epic kicks airborne ass in rainbow shades.
Seattle Weekly  |  Tim Appelo  |  08-25-2004  |  Reviews

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