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New Mammograms Guidelines Have Women Confusednew

The new guidelines say women in their 40s shouldn’t be routinely screened for breast cancer — unless they have reason to believe they’re at higher risk. Why the change from 2002, when a federal task force called for these women to get routine mammograms every one to two years?
New Haven Advocate  |  Jenny Blair  |  01-12-2010  |  Science

Medical Necessities: What's So Terrible About Rationing Health Care?new

I agree that the rich should pay more to support the health care of those who have less. But taxes won't cover it all. There will be rationing. Indeed, there should be rationing -- also known as rational choosing between interventions that are needed and those that are only wanted; those that justify the risks and costs and those that don't.
Seven Days  |  Judith Levine  |  12-09-2009  |  Commentary

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