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Trendzilla: Clip Your Toenails Peoplenew

Turquoise polish, airbrushed sunsets and sparkly rhinestones I can deal with, but it's the French-tipped pedicures that leave me with this disquieting feeling of unease festering in my stomach.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  01-15-2008  |  Fashion

Your Wardrobe May be Ripe for a January Rejignew

The repurposing trend is hot globally and locally as eco-minded designers create one-of-a-kind pieces from found clothing.
The Georgia Straight  |  Angela Murrills  |  01-11-2008  |  Fashion

Trendzilla on High-Heeled Sneakersnew

Today's bad-idea award goes to whoever designed the high-heeled sneaker.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  01-08-2008  |  Fashion

Our Corsets, Our Selvesnew

A journey through the Baltimore pinup revival scene.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Violet Glaze  |  01-08-2008  |  Fashion

Were You a Fashion Victim in '07?new

If you wore more than three of these items, the answer is yes.
L.A. Weekly  |  Lina Lecaro  |  12-28-2007  |  Fashion

In Fashion, Sincerity Is the New Ironynew

Styles from the '80s are still hot, but now more people mean it.
East Bay Express  |  Rachel Swan  |  12-19-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: What to Wear When You Don't Like Christmasnew

Getting dressed for the Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever-it-is-you-celebrate festivities isn't even fun.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  12-18-2007  |  Fashion

The Princess Bridesnew

Disney weds girlish fantasy with adult desire for, er, girlish fantasy.
Boston Phoenix  |  Sharon Steel  |  12-14-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Unusual Colors on Mennew

The idea of gendered colors is weird to think about in the first place.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  12-11-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Juicy Couture is Ruining Your Childrennew

Hey, it’s not that I have something against the young, rich and fabulous. I just don’t think you should be too proud of that handbag or flashy little vehicle that costs as much as most people’s mortgages until you, yourself, worked hard enough to pay for that little item.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  12-04-2007  |  Fashion

Earmuffs For Everyonenew

The story goes that 15-year-old Chester Greenwood was ice-skating when his ears got unbearably cold.
Portland Phoenix  |  Deirdre Fulton  |  11-28-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Agent Provocateurnew

"Eat me, fuck me, treat me like the whore that I am! Then get the fuck out."
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  11-27-2007  |  Fashion

Freedom Fighters Want a Dictator to Touch Your Underwearnew

Women of the world, relinquish your panties! They're needed in the fight for freedom in Myanmar.
San Diego CityBeat  |  D.A. Kolodenko  |  11-14-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Sarah Jessica Parker's Good Sidenew

SJP's fairly young and totally affordable line, Bitten, is modeled after the real woman.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  11-14-2007  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: How to Show Skinnew

The topic may be beaten to death, but more skin doesn't necessarily mean that you look good -- you know this.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  11-06-2007  |  Fashion

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