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Nuvo and Charleston City Paper Latest to Join SelectAlternatives

100,000 Unique Visitors in January (FULL STORY)
02-11-2006  12:19 pm  |  Press Releases

Settlement Reached in Personals Lawsuitnew

The details of the out-of-court settlement are confidential, but it does include the terms on which Sutcliffe Associates' SelectAlternatives program will license Tele-Publishing Inc.'s patents and other intellectual property, the two companies announced yesterday. TPI and SA are both AAN Associate Members and both will continue to provide personal advertising technology to newspapers. "The settlement provides publishers with some choices going forward," says TPI President David Dinnage. "We feel that this is a win for all parties involved."
Press Release  |  11-10-2005  9:24 am  |  Industry News

TPI Sues Competing Personals Ad Business, Alleging Patent Infringement

Tele-Publishing Inc. filed suit Sept. 22 in U.S. District Court in Arizona against Andrew B. Sutcliffe and his Tucson-based company, Sutcliffe Associates. Last year Sutcliffe, who was the founding president of TPI, launched a personals service, known as SelectAlternatives, that competes against the service of his former employer. TPI claims that Sutcliffe and five AAN papers that use SelectAlternatives infringed on four patents it owns, which Sutcliffe co-invented when he was TPI's president. The publishing companies that own the five AAN papers are named as co-defendants in the suit. Sutcliffe has issued a response saying that the suit is without merit, and he promises to mount a vigorous defense. (FULL STORY)
Ruth Hammond  |  09-29-2004  11:21 am  |  Industry News