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Planet Jackson Hole | September 1, 2010
The National Weather Service sent investigators to West Yellowstone on Monday to find out whether a gnarly thunderstorm that tore through town last Saturday was actually a tornado. The NWS determined the storm was in fact a microburst, an intense downdraft of air that sends wind rushing out along the earth at intense speed.

Speaking of microbursts, former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson has long been prone to the verbal variety – intense outrushes of vitriol and inane observations. You doubtlessly heard about his microburst last week in which he described Social Security as “a milk cow with 310 million tits.”

That comment created a wave of negative reactions that struck the political turf last week. A chorus of voices – independent and Democratic representatives from both the Senate and the House, Democratic Senate candidates,, The Older Women’s League, The Strengthen Social Security Campaign, The National Organization for Women and others – called for Simpson to resign or be removed from his position as co-chair the deficit commission, which is looking at potential cuts to Social Security benefits. Simpson has since apologized for his comments and the White House says he’s staying put on the commission.

Another result from Simpson’s comment is the launching last Friday of a new website: The site was thrown together by the Progressive Campaign Change Committee and it features some ripe sayings from Simpson’s sound hole about Social Security.

On his Commission's potential Social Security cuts: “We have the ability…to adjust and put together a package. And if the American people and the Congress don't like it, then just let them sink.” “We're trying to take care of the lesser people in society...”

On his Commission's work: "A lot of blood, hair, and eyeballs have to lay on the floor before we finish.”

Maybe the next website to pop onto the local radar will be

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