North Coast Journal, The Venue Project Add Roller Derby To Live Webcasts

july 23, 2008  09:18 am
North Coast Journal, The Venue Project Add Roller Derby To Live Webcasts
ARCATA, Calif., July 23 -- The North Coast Journal and The Venue Project announced today that Humboldt Roller Derby, a local all-female club dedicated to reviving the definitive sport of the 1970s, is the latest addition to their groundbreaking "hoodcast" series -- live video broadcasts of neighborhood events, streamed over the Internet.

The first Humboldt Roller Derby hoodcast -- an intramural bout between "The Bad Axes" and "The Tree Sluggers" -- will take place on Saturday, July 26, starting at 8 p.m., streaming live on The event is a benefit for Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, and will likely sell out.

"Roller derby ruled Saturday afternoon television when I was a kid," said Hank Sims, editor of the North Coast Journal. "Roller derby and the albums of Aerosmith made me the man I am today. Anything we can do to bring it back for a new generation, we will be honored to do. For roller derby. Not for Aerosmith."

Fans are already lining up. "Roller derby girls are hot and I want to see them on the Internet," said Journal calendar editor Emily Hobelmann.

Saturday evening's bout will immediately follow an all-day video feed from the final day of the Humboldt Folklife Festival, a regional showcase of traditional and modern acoustic music. The day will culminate a week of nightly broadcasts from the week-long festival.

Previous North Coast Journal and Venue Project hoodcasts include concerts at a local cafe and last month's "Prize of Hope" award ceremony at the Dell'Arte School of Physical Theatre, which featured actor Tim Robbins and his Los Angeles theatre troupe as the guests of honor.

"The Venue Project is all about the immediacy of live performance and being able to stream events that you would otherwise love to go attend in person, but, for whatever reason, can't," said John-Henry Dale, The Venue Project's director of events broadcasting. "We've all been there: that one show you would have totally loved to attend, but you didn't have the time or money or were in another city far, far away. Or it was sold out."

Dale added that The Venue Project is proving to be a big hit with concert promoters in Humboldt County, the project's test market. "The idea is to allow artists and venues to grow their fan base and customers and open up every performance to a potentially global audience," he said.

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