Guide Aimed at Cynical Hip Parents Who Still Want to Have Fun

Monday Magazine | August 7, 2004
Woe the party girl who finds herself knocked up and suddenly becomes somebody’s mommy. Picture Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, only with diapers to change or a toddler to reason with. Why, the mere thought of who would have the bigger tantrum is enough to drive any sensible woman to drink . . . or at least to ignore the little cherubs while she fixes herself a nice cocktail. (Or better yet, gets little Gigi to shake it up for her, thereby exercising some fine motor skills while providing a useful service as well.)

Yes, shelf The Three-Martini Playdate alongside your Hip Mama survival guides and your Cocktail Classics CDs—this is a parenting book for cynical hip parents who not only believe, but insist, they can still have a life after their wee ones come along. No squooshy attachment parents, these -- the only slings you’ll find in this tongue-in-cheek book are of the Singapore variety, and the chapter on “Screaming: Is it necessary?” will have any adult who’s ever asked someone to use their “inside voice” busting a gut in a distinctly “outside voice” way. That being said, the book is more than just a good joke—it’s actually useful in some cases (and not just the “Little Tot’s First Martini Recipe”), both for parents who have, on occasion, been known to reach for a mother’s (or father’s) little helper and for those who would like to indulge in a bit of stress-relieving humour. Sections on “fiscal planning and your tooth fairy” and on children’s birthday parties that are actually palatable to adults offer sound advice on managing those little childhood things like greed and acquisitiveness that can, tragically, spiral insanely out of control (and not just for the parents, either).

Because ultimately, it’s all about getting along with those short people who move in with you and turn the furniture upside down like a mess of drunken roommates. Forget about “if you can’t beat them, join them” -- this book shows how if you can’t beat them, you might as well teach them to be just as reasonable as you can be, as long as you’ve had your five o’clock martini and everyone plays nicely and stays out of the way while Mommy and Daddy throw their cocktail party tonight. Incidentally, every parent I’ve mentioned this book to since reading it has been instantly enthusiastic about the concept—and I’ve got a number of fun-sounding playdates planned as a result. Hell, I might even bring my kids.

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