Digitas Looks to Build Global Digital Ad Network

august 6, 2007  05:55 am
"The goal is to transform advertising from mass messages and 30-second commercials that people chat about around the water cooler into personalized messages for each potential customer," the New York Times reports. To do this, Digitas, a unit of the Publicis Groupe, plans to create thousands of digital versions of ads using low-cost offshore labor, and then will use data about consumers and computer algorithms to decide which message to show at which moment to every person who turns on a computer, cellphone or TV. The Times notes that Publicis is "trying to carve out a niche as a middleman" between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, and the consumer brand companies that buy advertising. "It's clear the three of those companies will have a huge share of revenues which will come from advertising,” says Maurice Levy, chairman and chief executive of the Publicis Groupe. "But they will have to make a choice between being a medium or being an ad agency, and I believe that their interest will be to be a medium."