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'In Plain Sight' is Just Plain Badnew

After a half-decade of success as a station of lovable neurotics — Tony Shaloub's eponymous Monk; the idiosyncratic spies of Burn Notice, etc. — USA's thrown a curveball in the character of Mary Shannon, a neurotic who is quite the opposite of lovable.
San Antonio Current  |  Luke Baumgarten  |  08-13-2008  |  TV

USA’s New Procedural Marshals Little Excitementnew

Procedural fans looking for something new this summer probably won’t mind Sight’s mediocrity, and it does at least make an effort to shed some light on an area of police work that’s underrepresented in TV and movies—and generally depicted from the criminal’s perspective if it’s showcased at all. The more these similar shows fill the cable airwaves, though, the harder each one will have to work to distinguish itself. And in that respect, In Plain Sight clearly falls short.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Josh Bell  |  06-05-2008  |  TV

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