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The Corvette Thiefnew

78-year-old Dan Ott has stolen more than 1,000 cars in his life. And left plenty of damage along the way
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  07-30-2015  |  Features

The Promise Ringnew

Alex Sheen centered his entire future on nothing more complicated than the power of a promise. How that little notion became the basis for a nonprofit that's connected tens of thousands and what's next for his little Lakewood project
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  06-11-2014  |  Features

The Battle for East Clevelandnew

With bankruptcy looming (again) and merger talks heating up, a look at how East Cleveland arrived here and what might be next
Cleveland Scene  |  Eric Sandy, Sam Allard, Vince Grzegorek and Doug Brown  |  03-26-2014  |  Policy Issues

The Swagalicious Life of Mall Guynew

Behind the LED Belt and Colorful Shirts of One of Cleveland's Most Visible Characters
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  11-06-2013  |  Features

The Last Ride of a Cleveland Hells Angel Informantnew

A path from destruction to redemption and back, and a family's trouble with witness protection.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  10-09-2013  |  Features

Overdose Nationnew

As the opiate epidemic continues to ravage Northeast Ohio, a small group of folks try to distribute medicine that will stop the deaths.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  05-24-2013  |  Drugs

13 Reasons 2012 Was Cleveland's Best Year Evernew

It was grand, it's over, and it's worth celebrating.
Cleveland Scene  |  Eric Sandy and Vince Grzegorek  |  12-26-2012  |  Commentary

Can The Cleveland Plain Dealer Be Saved?new

In short, no. Cleveland will soon be left without a daily newspaper.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  12-07-2012  |  Media

Beasts of the Northern Wildnew

A field guide to Cleveland's alarming, alluring summer animalia.
Cleveland Scene  |  Kyle Swenson and Vince Grzegorek  |  08-02-2012  |  Animal Issues

Thrift and Thumpingnew

An afternoon with Cleveland's next best hope for a champion.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  07-12-2012  |  Sports

Exotic Theoriesnew

After Zanesville, an Oklahoma advocate cries conspiracy.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  06-21-2012  |  Animal Issues

Poll: Ohioans Feeling Less Crappy About Their Livesnew

It's been a tough four years for folks in Ohio. Jim Tressel went down, Casey Anthony may or may not have made the Buckeye state her home, jobs have been hard to come by, and Ohio is neck-and-neck with Florida in everyone's favorite game, Ohio or Florida?
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  05-10-2012  |  Politics

Hard Woodnew

Chris Grant is at the helm of the Cavs' rebuilding process
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  03-08-2012  |  Sports

LeBron Liked Appletinis, and Other Important LeBron Dining Newsnew

During an important business meeting with Scene contributor and blogger extraordinaire Cleveland Frowns last weekend, we happened to strike up a conversation with a former waitress at one of LeBron James' favorite stomping grounds during his time in Cleveland. She shared details about LeBron's antics, all gleefully mundane but awesome.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  02-21-2012  |  Sports

The Custodiannew

Browns owner Randy Lerner might not be the guy you thought he was.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  02-01-2012  |  Sports

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