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God Is (or Rather Isn't) In the Detailsnew

Victor J. Stenger searches for evidence of a higher power in his new bestseller -- is it time to issue a theological Amber Alert?
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  03-20-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Rhyme & Rhythmnew

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal makes the jump from filmmaker to wordsmith in his debut collection of poetry.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  02-20-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Bullet for My Valentinenew

Clare's Hard Evidence is a hot mix of sex and violence, just perfect for a Valentine's read.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  02-05-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Doin' the Fishnew

Reel Big Fish's Aaron Barrett reveals the secret to surviving in the ska scene and explains why you should not buy their greatest hits record ... seriously.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  01-08-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

A Season In Hellnew

Katie Hnida made football history at Colorado; then she made national news by coming forward with a tale of harassment and rape. She documents her journey in her new memoir, Still Kicking.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  12-18-2006  |  Sports

Songs in the Key of Big Cnew

Guitarist Jon Henderson is proof that even cancer can't stop rock 'n' roll.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  12-12-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Warped Tour Finds Jesusnew

Punk bands attending weekly Bible Study and wearing their Christianity on their sleeve tattoos? Welcome to the new Warped, where a carpenter from Galilee is as welcome as a gutterpunk from New Jersey.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  07-31-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

B-Ball Bluesnew

Who put the Thorazine in Mark Cuban's Kool-Aid, why Tom Petty and Yanni's hip-hop project would never go platinum, and other observations from the NBA finals.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  06-23-2006  |  Sports

This Book Could Be Your Lifenew

Chuck Klosterman discusses pop culture and why his days of writing memoirs are over ... for now.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  06-09-2006  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Soldiers' Songsnew

U.S. soldiers in Iraq use hip-hop to document their experiences in Voices From the Frontline -- a surprisingly sharp and apolitical rap CD.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  05-12-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Of Vamps and Vampiresnew

Nymphos weaves a web of absurdities worthy of a Wes Anderson film -- so why did the government need to declassify a book about vampires and nymphomaniacs?
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  05-05-2006  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

The End of Empirenew

Historian Morris Berman outlines the fall of the American Empire.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  04-21-2006  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

How to Ace That Post-4/20 Whiz Quiznew

Biscranium smoked pot throughout his five years on parole and never failed a drug test -- in his world, the detox is natural and the boobs are fake.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  04-21-2006  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

A New Hopenew

Anti-Flag are pissed off -- and they're doing something about it.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  03-10-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Conventional Sexnew

Despite its ambitious booking, Sex and So Much More feels more like an Amway convention than a sex convention.
Boulder Weekly  |  Vince Darcangelo  |  03-10-2006  |  Culture

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