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Trendzilla: Overall Outbreaknew

Should we wear overalls if the words "Fordson" and "farm implement" mean nothing to us?
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  12-19-2006  |  Fashion

Topper Takes a Tripnew

The topper coat is back this season -- even if it's too hot to wear in Southern California.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  12-12-2006  |  Fashion

The Big Setupnew

Comedy Central put on a fake panel discussion on ethics and media for Man Bites Dog, and some in the audience took it a bit too seriously.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  04-21-2006  |  TV

'I've Had So Much Fun With Cops'new

Pro skateboarder Jason Jessee is a recent addition to the national no-fly list.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  04-21-2006  |  Civil Liberties

Let Me Be Franknew

Paul Frank talks about what's next -- and why, so far, it's not being Paul Frank.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  03-24-2006  |  Fashion

'A Machete Cutting Through Traffic'new

Why do the Sinners build new motorcycles to look 40 years old?
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  02-24-2006  |  Recreation

'Military Is Very, Very Important'new

Camouflage is back, at the latest Action Sports Retailer expo.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  02-03-2006  |  Fashion

Vintage Is Innew

Huntington Beach pro skater Dave Reul lives to find, patch and skate abandoned swimming pools in the California low desert--on other people's money. Recently, actor Stephen Baldwin became the latest person to pay him to do just that.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  06-15-2005  |  Recreation

Jesse James' Public Relations Team Tougher Than Himnew

The only thing tougher than West Coast Chopper head Jesse James is the post-industrial grease monkey's public-relations team.
OC Weekly  |  Theo Douglas  |  08-07-2004  |  TV

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