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Against medical advice, Corbett poised to sign another restrictive women's healthcare billnew

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett is expected to sign into law a bill that would mandate that private insurers participating in the state exchange not cover abortion, even when it threatens the health of the mother.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  06-13-2013  |  Health

SCOTUS Ruling May Greenlight PA Police to "Stop & Swab"new

The recent SCOTUS ruling on Constitutionality of seizing citizen DNA without criminal conviction may mean PA police will start to "stop & swab." But state police say the law would expand the backlog.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  06-10-2013  |  Politics

Ex-Philly "Hero cop" DeCoatsworth: One Man's Descent or System Failure?new

Despite DeCoatsworth’s history of violence, the story is playing out in the media, locally and nationally, as a hero cop’s shocking fall from grace.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  05-22-2013  |  Commentary

Acting Governornew

Donning a stiff silver crown of Thundercat hair favored by Southern ladies of a certain age—writer Molly Ivins once referred to it as “Republican hair”—Taylor moves with Ann Richards' gait, cracks wise in her accent and delivers not just information about Richards, but the essence of her colorful personality.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  05-22-2013  |  Performance

GunCrisis in Philadelphia: Another Night in Paradisenew

It's been one year since the solutions-oriented, volunteer journalism project GunCrisis was launched. Tonight, we see a body within two hours.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  04-28-2013  |  Crime & Justice

The Kermit Gosnell Case Show Abortion Isn't a Red or Blue Issue—It's Pinknew

Though abortion as a buzzword is considered a red-state-vs.-blue-state hot-button issue, what the Gosnell media case reveals is that abortion in reality, is neither a red nor blue issue. It's pink.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  04-25-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Abortion Doctor's Defense: Case Is an "Elitist, Racist Prosecution"new

After reminding jurors about the legal presumption of innocence, the attorney for Philadelphia abortion provider Kermit Gosnell revealed his main theme: Gosnell, a black man, is a victim of an "elitist, racist prosecution."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  03-18-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Queen of the Deadnew

Rogue taxidermist Beth Beverly, star of AMC's new show Immortalized, gives dead birds and animals a second life as beautiful and bizarre wearable art.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  02-13-2013  |  Art

VP Joe Biden Talks Gun Violence Initiatives in Philadelphianew

The Vice President traveled to Philadelphia for a roundtable on gun violence the morning a gunman opened fire killing three in his old stomping grounds in Wilmington, Del., where his son is Attorney General.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  02-12-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Dueling Ideas on Gun Control in Harrisburg, PAnew

Last week, hundreds of people gathered inside the Capitol rotunda in Harrisburg to call for sensible gun laws, the same morning Republican Daryl Metcalfe introduced the "Right to Bear Arms in Pennsylvania Protection Act."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  01-31-2013  |  Policy Issues

John Baer on 25 Years of Covering Pa. Politicsnew

Baer is one of those old-school columnists who breaks down the news by making each point ring like a gunshot, then slides a sweet little daisy of a last sentence into the muzzle as the smoke clears.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  12-05-2012  |  Books

How PA Republicans Blocked an Investigation into Gov. Corbett's Handling of Sandusky Casenew

PA House Republicans buried a resolution to investigate the Governor for allegedly slow-walking the Sandusky case by: playing possum, sticking fingers into ears, calling for arcade rules and canceling sessions at the last second.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  10-17-2012  |  Crime & Justice

How much did PA's Botched Voter ID initiative cost? Not

While officials are eager to point out that Pennsylvania—so broke the governor just cut last-resort safety net funds for the disabled—didn’t spend much money on the failed Voter ID initiative, the lowball investment is also the main reason it failed.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  10-17-2012  |  Elections

Nicki Bluhm Bloomsnew

A dark-eyed lady almost always photographed with a golden halo seemingly made of sunsets and pure ‘70s AM morning radio vibes, Bluhm has a music-scene Cinderella story.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  09-19-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

The $11 Million Dollar Mysterynew

Financial figures coming from the Philadelphia Archdiocese should be not viewed without skepticism. We’re talking about an organization that had a room full of secret documents—called “Secret Archives,” right out of a Scooby-Doo episode.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  09-06-2012  |  Economy

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