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Bobby Bradford and Marywood Kate of Statue of Liberty's Genre-Blending Folk Popnew

Bobby Bradford and Marywood Kate are nomads. Five years ago, this Boulder, Colo., folk duo formed Statue of Liberty, and they've been bouncing around the Midwest and Rockies ever since.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  09-19-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Freddie Mercury's swagger remains powerful 20 years after his passingnew

In her well researched, carefully crafted book Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury, British music journalist and author Lesley-Ann Jones shines light on some of the more private moments of late rock singer Freddie Mercury's life.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  08-02-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

The joy's still there for Three Dog Nightnew

Danny Hutton may be one of the best connected veteran pop stars in the Los Angeles band scene. As a singer, he's best known by fans as one of the three lead vocalists of Three Dog Night. As a manager and producer, he's revered by musicians and colleagues as an open-minded, optimistic supporter of the West Coast music industry.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  07-06-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Dubplates forge an alliance with their buddies in Jamaicanew

Kingston, Jamaica, is holy land for stateside reggae musicians. For the core members of Charleston dancehall reggae group the Dubplates, a chance meeting with one of their heroes — underground dancehall superstar Zumjay (pronounced "zoom-jay") — led to an unexpected pilgrimage to the musical Mecca over the spring.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  07-03-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Derek Cribb twists new tunes from reggae and skanew

Derek Cribb has earned a reputation as an acoustic rock musician, but over the last few years, the multi-talented songwriter has incorporated a pile of reggae and ska tunes into his repertoire. Much of that credit goes to his longtime pal and bandmate John Picard.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  06-26-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Savage Tongues create new electricitynew

Five years ago, Alex Goss was treading water as a guitarist and singer with an alt-rock act called Golden Palace, a riffy garage band with punkish grunge leanings. But these days, as the lead singer and bassist with Savage Tongues, he's far more mature, confident, and professional.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  06-19-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Can Elise Testone emerge from American Idol with grace?new

This week, as the remaining Idol contestants of the current season either get booted off or shoved ahead, I can't help but worry about Charleston-based singer Elise Testone and the post-Idol adventures that lie ahead for her.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  05-08-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Dangermuffin show sophistication on their new albumnew

Dangermuffin enjoys an exalted reputation for their groovy, rootsy style, but Dan Lotti, Steven Sandifer, and Mike Sivilli dig a bit deeper into the soul and mind on their new album Olly Oxen Free than even their biggest fans might have expected.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  05-08-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Long Miles graduate from the school of reggae-rocknew

Four years ago, John Shields and the Long Miles were rookie bandmates in their first years of college. This week, they release 10-song collection titled Shades with a big show at the Music Farm.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  04-02-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Borgore flexes his party musclesnew

Musician, DJ, and producer Borgore is a driven young man. A few years ago, he switched from playing in a death metal band to a solo career in electronic music.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  03-31-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Lewis Black takes aim at the sad and sloppy state of American affairsnew

If you get comedian Lewis Black started on the current presidential race or the state of cable news, be prepared: He'll grumble in his growly tone for more than a few minutes. As the happiest curmudgeon on the national comedy scene, the profanity-laden rants and meandering commentaries come naturally.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  02-09-2012  |  Comedy

Everyday Sunshine looks at Fishbone's wild ridenew

Fishbone was wildly popular in the alternative rock scene 20 years ago. A new doc tells the tale.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  02-07-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Spoiler site claims Elise Testone makes American Idol top 42new

If an American Idol spoiler site is right, Charleston's very own Elise Testone wins over Randy, JLo, and Steven, landing in the singing contest's top 42.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  01-18-2012  |  TV

Flannel Church creates Hampton-ized gospel-funknew

There's a buzz about Flannel Church, a newly formed power-trio featuring drummer Duane Trucks, bassist Kevin Scott, and blues guitarist Gregory "Wolf" Hodges. All three bandmates have connections via Col. Bruce Hampton.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  01-09-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

How to Rid Your Yard of Molesnew

Some folks think moles are cute. And, well, they kind of are with their squinty little eyes, oversized paws, and long snouts. But for others, especially homeowners in the Lowcountry, they're terrible, tiny pests capable of wreaking havoc on a lawn.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  01-02-2012  |  Gardening

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