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Judge for Yourselfnew

This is a rare opportunity to see what's considered the best in the field of short docs -- plus all four nominees have a socio-political bent.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  04-07-2006  |  Reviews

Failed Inspectionnew

This movie is so exasperating it's driven our reviewer to escape into song.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  03-31-2006  |  Reviews

AIDS Killed This Sexual Revolutionnew

This documentary offers a sympathetic perspective of the post-Stonewall sexual liberation years in New York City.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  03-10-2006  |  Reviews

What Hath Shrek Wrought?new

A clunker if there ever was one, Doogal is so mind-numbingly incoherent that parents and children alike will stare dazedly at the screen wondering what the heck is going on.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  03-02-2006  |  Reviews

Sellers' Marketnew

In this pointless rehash, Steve Martin inhabits the role of the bumbling French detective without a trace of the comic genius of Peter Sellers.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  02-10-2006  |  Reviews

Missionaries at End of Spitnew

Members of the violent Waodani tribe of Ecuador kill five Western missionaries, but as a result they choose to abandon their kill-or-be-killed ways.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  01-30-2006  |  Reviews

Riding the Rangenew

The Chronicle's reviewers run down the best films of 2005.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten, Steve Davis, Kimberley Jones and Marc Savlov  |  01-05-2006  |  Movies

No Business Like Show Businessnew

The movie's wonderfully over-the-top performances often feel constrained by first-time film director Susan Stroman, whose inexperience behind the camera is all too apparent.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  12-27-2005  |  Reviews

Shelter From the Stormnew

There's a sweet bent to this simple South African film about a multicultural group of employees at a Cape Town animal shelter who find both goodness and hope in their troubled lives.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  12-15-2005  |  Reviews

Austen Reduxnew

This fresh adaptation of Jane Austen's masterpiece starring Keira Knightley presents a witty and lovesick skirmish of the sexes that exceeds all expectations.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  11-10-2005  |  Reviews

Faulty Mathnew

As with many film adaptations of stage successes, David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about mathematics and madness loses something in its translation to celluloid.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  10-06-2005  |  Reviews

Let's Twist Againnew

Some may doubt the need to once more bring Dickens's tale to the screen, but Polanski's deft adaptation proves that there's still life in that well-worn story of a boy who beats the odds.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  10-06-2005  |  Reviews

Sundance Into the Sunsetnew

An Unfinished Life never transcends its simple storyline to charter original ground, but it is the kind of movie you cannot fault too terribly much, primarily because its heart seems to be in the right place.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  09-16-2005  |  Reviews

Joan Allen's Yes Woman In Controlnew

While the unconventional Yes doesn’t realize all of its artistic ambitions, its depiction of romantic passion still resonates.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  07-28-2005  |  Reviews

Suspicious Mindsnew

Even though grande dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench share the screen in this drama, their immense talents are mostly wasted.
Austin Chronicle  |  Steve Davis  |  06-16-2005  |  Reviews

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