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Luminaria 2013 brings ecstatic changesnew

Luminaria, San Antonio's version of the Nuit Blanche (White Night) art event that started began in Paris in the 1982, is happening again this Saturday, March 9 in its sixth annual iteration.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  03-06-2013  |  Art

Texas whisky beats Scotland's finest in London blind tastingnew

It seemed like history repeating itself last December when Balcones Single Malt Whisky beat out the competition in a blind tasting in London, England.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  02-06-2013  |  Food+Drink

Mummies of the World at the Witte Museumnew

What is it about kids and mummies? Maybe it's sheer exoticism, ghoulish delight, or their strange similarity to the familiar name for mother, but there's no denying that children are fascinated by the wrapped remains associated with the glory days of the Egyptian pharaohs.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  01-16-2013  |  Art

I.A.R. 12.3: Is there truth in photography?new

Artpace's current International Artists-in-Residence presents works by three artists who share a common interest: photography.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  11-28-2012  |  Art

Peter French's photography crosses the line in Connecting Momentsnew

The horizon is not a line. It is a zone that extends in width beyond the edges of vision, rising and falling with the land, becoming incredibly thick in the haze of twilight. At night, it retreats into memory.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  10-17-2012  |  Art

Jenelle Esparza's large format photographs capture prehistoric memoriesnew

Inspired by Mesoamerican imagery, Jenelle Esparza's first solo show since graduating from UTSA is an impressive debut. Shot on a large format film camera using archaic (circa 1950) orthochromatic film made for cinematography, the large black and white prints display fine skin tones, but exceedingly high contrast in capturing fabric.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  10-17-2012  |  Art

Fotoseptiembre at Rendon Photographynew

Photographers Scott Martin and Lance Keimig are masters of moonlight. Their haunting Fotoseptiembre exhibition at Rendon Photography and Fine Art presents strangely brilliant nightscapes captured through time-lapse photography, but the dream-like effects are abetted with a few lighting tricks of their own.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  09-20-2012  |  Art

From Neglect to Colony Member: Cat Companionship in Several Halting Stepsnew

Don't feed the stray cats!" they told me. Who? Everyone, it seemed — neighbors, acquaintances, the mail man.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  08-23-2012  |  Animal Issues

Radcliffe Bailey discusses memory, biennials, and homenew

Radcliffe Bailey's retrospective "Memory as Medicine" opened at the McNay Art Museum in June and will be on view to September 2, 2012.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  07-26-2012  |  Art

Radcliffe Bailey searches for life beyond the Middle Passagenew

Wrenching percussive sounds, like something very large breaking up, emanate from a conch shell. The gratings of a ship ripped by an ocean storm, perhaps.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  07-06-2012  |  Art

Why San Antonio's missions won't clear the UN's World Heritage Listnew

The San Antonio Franciscan missions' likelihood of making the prized World Heritage List — which includes cultural and natural sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Taj Mahal — got a boost last Friday when U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar endorsed their nomination at a press conference held at Mission Concepción.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  06-09-2012  |  Commentary

Helton's 'Drugs' doesn't demand destruction or redemptionnew

Books about drug use appear regularly on publisher's lists, and whether written as fiction or biography, their plots usually follow a pattern that culminates in the message laid down ages ago by Sunday preachers: I've sinned, seen the darkness of hell, but now surrender to the light.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  05-17-2012  |  Fiction

Why the foot-furious musical Singin' in the Rain still demands attentionnew

In 1927, The Jazz Singer burst into the Hollywood silent-film scene, breaking the sound barrier and trumpeting doom and gloom for mute motion pictures everywhere.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  05-03-2012  |  Reviews

The Last Stand Mythnew

True or false: The Texan defenders stood their ground, dying to a man within the walls of the Alamo.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  04-22-2012  |  Nonfiction

Alamo Mythsnew

True or false: Many men of the divided Texan garrison at the Alamo didn't care much for regular army commander Lt. Col. William B. Travis.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  04-22-2012  |  History

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