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Which Commandments Should Hang?

The Ten Commandments controversy demonstrates that the biggest problem we face these days isn't the separation of church and state, but the separation of the church from Jesus.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  06-11-2006  |  Commentary

Flag Desecration

You don't have to burn the flag to desecrate it -- capitalism can have the same ill effect.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  06-11-2006  |  Commentary

Let's Not Kid Ourselvesnew

If Samuel Alito is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, the rights of American citizens to control the destiny of a democracy that is fast becoming an empire will retreat even faster.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  01-18-2006  |  Commentary

Adding Insult to Death

Because there is no draft, there is a shameful disconnect between those we pay to fight for us in Iraq, and the citizenry for whom they are fighting.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  08-10-2005  |  Commentary

A Strange Choice for Pope

Pope Benedict XVI is a champion of orthodoxy, causing many to fear that a new dictatorship is emerging, and its face is all-male, all-knowing and not to be questioned.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  05-23-2005  |  Commentary

Tom DeLay and Christian Fascism

In his war against an independent judiciary, U.S. House majority leader Tom DeLay aims to destroy one of the fundamental principles of our democracy.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  04-22-2005  |  Commentary

The Irony of a 'Christian' Inauguration

Christians who are not part of the Christian Right worry that the person most upset about the Inaugural Party is Jesus.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  01-28-2005  |  Commentary

Minister Questions Morality of Commander in Chief's Actions

At a peace rally at the University of Oklahoma, Robin Meyers takes issue with Bush administration officials who claim moral values are on their side.
Oklahoma Gazette  |  Robin Meyers  |  01-20-2005  |  Commentary

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