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Medicine Mannew

Award-winning Eugene grower Adam Jacques leads the way for medical cannabis.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  01-15-2016  |  Health

Out of the Darknessnew

Did people in the Dark Ages suspect they were living in the Dark Ages? It’s tempting, considering recent circumstances — the endless mass shootings, the warehousing of the mentally ill in jails and prisons, the preponderance of the sick, homeless and addicted in Eugene — to tumble into despair over the state of mental health in this society.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  09-29-2015  |  Health

Into the Institutionnew

As citizens struggle with mental illness, health care providers struggle with how to help them. Does Oregon's new state hospital mean that yet again we turn to institutions rather than community care?
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen and Rick Levin  |  09-24-2015  |  Health

It Ain't Easy Being Greennew

A glimpse at the dawning of legal weed in Oregon.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  03-20-2015  |  Drugs

Life and Death by Pabstnew

Lefty Kelleher, a stalwart of the infamous anarchist neigborhood - The Whiteaker, takes home top prize for Eugene Pabst Blue Ribbon art contest with a tapped skull.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  06-13-2014  |  Art

Night Movesnew

A possibly appalling perspective on culture, as seen through the windows of a cruising cab, and as heard in the boozy banter of patrons opting to do the right thing and steer clear of the steering wheel.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  04-27-2012  |  Culture

The Restoration Will Be Televisednew

It's a gearhead's dream job. Sexy muscle cars are as integral to the American soul as cheeseburgers and Mickey Mouse.The dramatic process of rebuilding muscle cars is the basis of Graveyard Carz, a new reality show.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  03-23-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

An Ignominious Auranew

Portland screenwriter Jonathan Raymond revamps the Western with Meek’s Cutoff.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  05-09-2011  |  Reviews

Do Not Come to Downtown Eugene, Do Not Expect Rightsnew

For the past two years and change, downtown Eugene has been boxed in by an imaginary but supposedly legal zone of exclusion. This zone has been dubbed — in somewhat Orwellian fashion — the Downtown Public Safety Zone.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  08-20-2010  |  Civil Liberties

Break on Through: John Giovanni Storms the Next Big Thing Competitionnew

A band of under-21 musicians called John Giovanni win the the Eugene Weekly's Next Big Thing contest to find Eugene's next hit single.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  11-13-2009  |  Music

Obama, the NRA and Gun Hysterianew

Post-election sales of weapons have increased nationally, with gun-rightsers stockpiling firearms and ammo against what they believe to be the coming surge of gun-control legislation enacted by Obama. Gun sales were up 15 percent this October compared to October 2007, according to a trade association.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  12-05-2008  |  Politics

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