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Friends in the Shadowsnew

How developers, corporations, and city contractors buy influence in San Francisco City Hall.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  10-09-2013  |  Housing & Development

Can SF Streetlights Spy on You?new

San Franciscans are in the dark about the city's plans for surveillance streetlights.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  01-17-2013  |  Civil Liberties

Bank of America Frets About Occupynew

An internal Bank of America email has surfaced, making it clear that the megabank is concerned about the national day of action against evictions and foreclosures being carried out by the Occupy Wall Street movement. The leaked internal memo suggests BofA is taking Occupy housing actions very seriously.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  12-06-2011  |  #OCCUPY

Video: Police Raid Occupy Oakland a Second Timenew

Officers from the Oakland Police Department and other regional law enforcement agencies raided the Occupy Oakland encampment early Monday morning, tearing down the protest site while activists and supporters milled about in the intersection at 14th and Broadway streets, chanting and shouting "Shame! Shame! Shame!"
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  11-14-2011  |  #OCCUPY

Breaking Free From Irannew

How a small group of Bay Area activists helped free their friends from Iranian prison.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  10-05-2011  |  International

The Worst-Kept Secretsnew

What the major media left out: Project Censored highlights the year's most relevant ignored news.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  10-03-2011  |  Media

Censored in a Brave New Worldnew

Project Censored: The top 10 big stories the major news media didn't report in 2009.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  09-16-2010  |  Media

Drills, Baby, Drillsnew

Preparing for an oil spill requires staying in practice and investing in prevention.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  05-20-2010  |  Disasters

PG&E and Mercury Insurance are Spending Millions to Try to Trick California Votersnew

California voters are about to be bombarded by more than $50 million in political advertising designed to convince them to approve a pair of measures desperately sought by two powerful corporations with a long history of lies and political corruption.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Steven T. Jones  |  03-17-2010  |  Politics

California Dopes Out Marijuana Bill as Legalization Petition Gets Passed Aroundnew

Two serious bids to legalize marijuana in California are moving forward simultaneously. And while decisions won't be made for months, both efforts have generated interest from around the world.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  11-04-2009  |  Drugs

The Manipulations and Media Machine Behind the Assault on Progressive Ideasnew

The right-wing commentators' success lies partly in their ability to harness core human emotions such as paranoia or envy, says Bryant Welch, a clinical psychologist, author, and expert on political manipulation.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Sarah Phelan  |  10-22-2009  |  Commentary

Censored! The Top 10 Stories Not Brought to You by Mainstream Medianew

Every year since 1976, Project Censored has spotlighted the 25 most significant news stories that were largely ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream press. Here's what you might not have read this year.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  09-30-2009  |  Media

The Water Wars: San Francisco Bay and the Delta Are Dying and It Might Get Worsenew

Years of massive water diversions are putting the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary at risk. Massive projects that take freshwater from the delta appear linked to declines in bay and delta fisheries, threatening not just endangered species but California's salmon fishing industry, which lost more than $250 million last year as a result of declining salmon runs.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  09-02-2009  |  Environment

Health Care Reformers Fear the Cure May be Worse Than the Diseasenew

With President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in a strong position to finally overhaul the health care system, this should be a momentous time for the reform movement. So why are so many advocacy groups unhappy?
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Steven T. Jones  |  07-22-2009  |  Science

Bellicose Rhetoric Masks Real Differences Over S.F. Budget Prioritiesnew

The dueling budget rallies that preceded the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on the city's spending priorities officially ended the conciliatory approach offered by Mayor Gavin Newsom.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  06-24-2009  |  Policy Issues

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