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Brian Sims' first six months as a state legislatornew

A profile of Pennsylvania's first elected openly-gay state representative, who finds that bridging the political divide is slow work—but he's determined.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  07-18-2013  |  Politics

Hip-Hop Dancers Teach Kids a Civil Rights Lessonnew

A successful Kickstarter campaign means Hip Hop Fundamentals finally gets to bring its history-by-music program to underfunded Philly schools.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  07-01-2013  |  Culture

ACLU marijuana report offers new insight into growing problemnew

In Philadelphia, blacks are fives times more likely to be arrested—and, in some parts of Pennsylvania, 10 times more likely. Pennsylvania is amongst the 12 states with the highest number of marijuana arrests in 2010, according to the report. Similarly, as it pertains to increased marijuana arrests from 2001-2010, we’re 13th in the nation.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  06-06-2013  |  Drugs

Abortion Insurance Ban Passes Pa. Senatenew

The Pennsylvania Senate passed House Bill 818, which prohibits women from purchasing access to abortion coverage in the Obamacare health exchanges going into effect in 2014. It also prohibits private insurance companies from selling it.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  06-06-2013  |  The War on Women

Q&A: "Dirty Wars" Author Jeremy Scahillnew

Journalist and author Jeremy Scahill talks his recent book and corresponding documentary film, "Dirty Wars."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  05-29-2013  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

10 Things I Saw, Heard and Learned at the Pa. Leadership Conferencenew

Liberal writer traveled to Camp Hill, PA for the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, a conservative state meetup. Speakers included presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich; Herman Cain; Sen. Pat Toomey; others.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  03-29-2012  |  Politics

Inside the Overnight Raid and Arrests of Occupy Phillynew

As the police presence steadily grew, more Occupiers—many familiar faces—began showing up in droves. “Wake up, Occupy Philly!” one chanted as he walked through the tent area.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  11-30-2011  |  #OCCUPY

2010 Primaries: Low Voter Turnout Reported in Philadelphianew

Live updates on the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary between Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  05-18-2010  |  Politics

New Study Gives Pennsylvania Democrats Hopenew

The Pennsylvania GOP may have lost some members, but the numbers game isn’t a tell-all by any means.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  04-26-2010  |  Politics

Bored of Sestak-Specter-Toomey Yet? Not Usnew

Joe Sestak is still doing this whole “I want to be a senator” thing. He and Pat Toomey, the likely PA Republican Senate candidate, debated at LaSalle University last night. That new pinko liberal Arlen Specter couldn’t make it, but Sestak, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to give this thing up.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Randy LoBasso  |  04-12-2010  |  Commentary

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