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Tribute to Indy Icon John Weissnew

For the first time in its 22-year history, a day will begin without John Weiss as publisher of the Colorado Springs Independent.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  09-22-2015  |  Media

We Fight, or You'll Losenew

Bach is on one side, and Colorado Springs media are on the other. No gray area.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  02-17-2012  |  Media

Rockfather Remembersnew

Barry Fey's place in Colorado music history includes Colorado Springs — and even its fast-food chicken
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  12-15-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Tough choices in D-11new

We vote for Jan Tanner, Elaine Naleski, Nora Brown and Jim Mason.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  John Weiss and Ralph Routon  |  10-20-2011  |  Elections

Mayor Bach: Just Admit Rookie Mistakenew

Shenanigans to circumvent the spirit of open and accountable government are distressing to us. Bach must realize that, as our city's first strong mayor, almost everything he does now could set precedents for years to come.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  John Weiss and Ralph Routon  |  09-08-2011  |  Commentary

Reliving the Pastnew

Longtime friends, bandmates gather for annual Hungry Farmer reunion.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  11-23-2010  |  Music

Rachael Flatt is OK About Being Overlookednew

Rachael Flatt knows better than to label herself the favorite in women's figure skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Flatt, the Cheyenne Mountain High School senior fresh off winning the 2010 U.S. championship, generally is considered to have only an outside chance at a medal here at the Vancouver Games.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  02-18-2010  |  Sports

By Encouraging Skaters to 'Command the Ice,' Coach has Commanded Respectnew

Tom Zakrajsek of Colorado Springs has spent 21 years patiently working and waiting for the moment when he finally could call himself an Olympic figure skating coach.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  02-18-2010  |  Sports

U.S. Women's Hockey Team Sizes Up Another Round of Olympic Glorynew

Everything about the latest women's team has been developing and aiming toward the 2010 Winter Olympics, which start this weekend in Vancouver. But in the challenging world of global competition, there's no wiggle room in pursuing goals.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  02-11-2010  |  Sports

Sudden Chaos: Gov. Ritter's Departure Leaves Dems Sweating, Scramblingnew

Gov. Bill Ritter canceled a campaign event and staffers stopped responding to voicemails (including a call from the Independent). Rumors began hitting the Washington blogs, and sources began leaking the news that Ritter won't be running for re-election.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon and Anthony Lane  |  01-07-2010  |  Politics

Tom Cushman Revisits His Memories from Ali, Frazier, Foreman and Morenew

"It's hard to convey this, but I actually wouldn't ever have called myself a fight fan," Cushman says. "I was just fascinated with the people..."
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  10-29-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Budget Cuts Could Spell Doom for Colorado Springs Community Centersnew

The department known as Parks and Rec covers much of the fabric of life in Colorado Springs. People agree that the programs and facilities are popular and well-used. Yet the city's recreation services manager say the programs could vanish and the facilities could close.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Deb Acord and Ralph Routon  |  01-27-2009  |  Economy

Let's Hope Denver's Memories Aren't Akin to 1968 in Chicagonew

As political gatherings go, you get the feeling they'll be talking about the 2008 Democratic National Convention for years to come. And not necessarily in a negative way, as has been typical of conventions that wind up being memorable.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  08-26-2008  |  Commentary

We Take the District Attorney John Newsome Challengenew

After our DA quaffed 11 beers in five hours, but claimed to be fine to drive, we had to investigate.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  05-23-2008  |  Crime & Justice

The Ongoing Olympic Torch Relay Brings Fresh Nightmares and Memories of 1980new

Thanks to the IOC, China has the opportunity to use the world stage in August as a platform for propaganda. And that awful word, boycott, has seeped back into the Olympic movement's consciousness. You have to wonder what might happen if the situation escalates much more.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  04-29-2008  |  Sports

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