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Home to Roostnew

In a landmark decision, drillers are ordered to pay for damages to homeowners.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  05-06-2014  |  Environment

Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sandnew

Protests in Texas delay the Keystone pipeline while opposition to it grows.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  10-17-2012  |  Environment

Dead Zonenew

The Texas-Mexico border has always been violent — but nothing like this.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  01-05-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Texas Shale Keeps Bubblingnew

The latest study of gas drilling's effects on air quality has convinced almost no one.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  08-20-2010  |  Environment

Steel Bars vs. Lead Bulletsnew

A longtime (undocumented) Texas resident is on the run from both U.S. immigration officials and a Mexican drug cartel.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  04-21-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Housing the Homeless: A Frustrated Builder Thinks Inside the Boxnew

Homelessness is a big problem in Fort Worth, said Mike Wallace, a retired homebuilder who grew up here and still lives here. “And I think I have a solution.” Wallace wants to turn shipping containers into livable homes.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  03-25-2010  |  Housing & Development

Despite a Long Record of Abuses, GEO is Still Running Texas Prisonsnew

GEO has one of the world’s worst track records in inmate care: The horror stories range from rapes to suicides to murders to deaths due to inadequate medical care. The company once hired a convicted sex offender as a guard in a facility for juvenile females.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  03-12-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Taser Deaths Lead to Founding of National Memorial, Regional Coalitionnew

The parents of a young man killed in April by a Taser-wielding Fort Worth police officer are hoping that, finally, something good may have come from his death. North Texas opponents of the controversial weapons have also begun a national memorial, with crosses in a church yard for every one of the 471 people who have died after being tasered.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  02-17-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Drug-War Violence Has the Border Under Siegenew

The current violence is beyond anything anyone has ever seen here before, an epidemic of murder and sadistic violence that's being waged with American weapons and aided by American government dollars, led by forces trained by the American military.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  12-04-2008  |  Crime & Justice

The Disappearing North Texas Cowboynew

There are still foremen and cowboys working long-term on the handful of big ranches still left in Tarrant and surrounding counties, or riding full time on their own smaller spreads, but their numbers are small and -- with the region's cities growing faster than most in the country -- getting smaller by the day.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  04-17-2008  |  Business & Labor

Steve Steen Hasn't Been the Same Since Being Taserednew

The Fort Worth man says nearly a full minute of jolts from a police Taser have left him permanently -- and perhaps fatally -- damaged.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  04-04-2008  |  Crime & Justice

North Texas is a Blue-Collar Paradisenew

The gas drilling boom is putting North Texas workers on Easy Street -- for now.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  03-13-2008  |  Business & Labor

The Iron Men of North Texasnew

High-steel workers view the region's building boom from a dizzying perch.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  01-24-2008  |  Business & Labor

Law Enforcement Abuses Give a Texas County a Black Eyenew

Johnson County suffers, on average, only one or two murders and maybe 50 robberies a year -- and yet, in just two months, inmates reported to Fort Worth Weekly at least half a dozen instances of abuse and serious neglect by jailers, in some cases life-threatening, and out-of-line conduct by various patrol officers.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  09-13-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Activists: Denial of Hospital Care to Immigrants May Be Unconstitutionalnew

Members of Allied Communities of Tarrant are pressing the John Peter Smith hospital system to provide its full range of medical services to undocumented residents -- they now believe that the denial of those services may violate the Texas Constitution.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  04-26-2007  |  Science

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