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Dennis Kucinich's Brave Talknew

He stumps about working and fighting — from the safety of the officer's tent.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  02-29-2008  |  Commentary

Dear Stephen Colbertnew

Won't you please be the President of Cleveland?
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  12-07-2007  |  Commentary

NFL Network & Big Ten Network Battle Big Cablenew

Problem is, no one's fighting for you in the three-way battle over televised football.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  11-02-2007  |  Sports

Ohio's Push to Restore Morality to Kids' Classicsnew

Fresh off victories that banned gay marriage and crushed Ohio's strip joints, Citizens for Community Values is now in the process of writing a new book that would restore morality to classic children's tales, I'm OK, But You, Kid, Are A Damned Sodomite.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  06-22-2007  |  Comedy

The New Terroristsnew

Eat large piles of fried meat -- or the foodies win.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  05-25-2007  |  Commentary

The Devil Wears Wal-Martnew

America's favorite welfare queen cranks up the PR.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  03-02-2007  |  Business & Labor

$6 Million Chihuahuanew

On the campaign trail with Dennis Kucinich.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  02-12-2007  |  Commentary

We Should Trust You?new

Memo to: President Bush -- stop acting like an asshole.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  07-10-2006  |  Commentary

Hookers & Heart Attacksnew

With Cleveland among the finalists for the next Republican National Convention, here are some headlines we can expect.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  06-26-2006  |  Commentary

Spam for Nigerianew

Trusted foreigner, I wish to propose a confidential transaction.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  05-22-2006  |  Comedy

Moron v. Thiefnew

Who should be the next governor of Ohio: Captain Kickback, or a sexually-obsessed sociopath?
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  05-01-2006  |  Comedy

Bribery Warehousenew

The FBI uncovered corruption in Cleveland schools, but officials did nothing.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  04-03-2006  |  Education

The Art of Whoringnew

When it comes to scandal, no one knows better than Ohio.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  02-06-2006  |  Politics

A Celebration of Lowlifesnew

Ohio Congressman Bob Ney and others are expected to assume leadership of Ohio's headlong charge toward disaster in 2006.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  01-09-2006  |  Commentary

Judge Is Cleveland's Best Hope for Mayornew

Robert Triozzi is a true believer, which makes him Cleveland's most interesting mayoral candidate.
Cleveland Scene  |  Pete Kotz  |  09-22-2005  |  Commentary

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