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Inside Springfield’s First Medical Pot Shopnew

We toured one of the state's first medical marijuana dispensaries, slated to open soon. Can this industry survive in the face of strict regulations?
Illinois Times  |  Brittany Hilderbrand and Patrick Yeagle  |  02-03-2016  |  Drugs

Is Ted Cruz eligible to run in Illinois?new

Objections filed with Illinois election board raise questions.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  01-28-2016  |  Elections

Battling Rape On Campusnew

Compassionate response to victims gives them confidence to report.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  05-08-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Illinois Innocence Project Frees Wrongly Convicted Mannew

The gruesome rape and murder of 15-year-old Kristina Hickey in 1984 put Christopher Abernathy behind bars for nearly 30 years. Just one problem: he didn't do it.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  02-20-2015  |  Crime & Justice

The Future of Powernew

Electricity may soon get cleaner … and a lot more expensive.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  06-13-2014  |  Energy

When Adoption Goes Wrongnew

Giving up custody to get kids the mental health care they need
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  08-11-2011  |  Children & Families

Serving Those Who Servednew

Veterans make up eight percent of the U.S. population, but 20 percent of the homeless population. What's being done to help them?
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  11-11-2010  |  Homelessness

Kids in Prisonnew

What do you do when you catch a criminal that is only 13 years old?
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  05-03-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Overcrowding at Illinois Prisons is Costly and Dangerousnew

In Sangamon County, at least 13 inmates were released early, many serving just a fraction of their sentences. One repeat drunk driver served only a month of his year-long sentence; another inmate serving time for possession of cocaine spent only two weeks behind bars.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  03-04-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Can Alexi Giannoulias Make it to Washington, D.C.?new

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias leads the pack of Democrats running for U.S. Senate, but can he overcome criticisms concerning his time at the family bank and in office?
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  01-21-2010  |  Politics

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