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In 1959, Edmund Bacon Imagined in 50 Years, "No Part of Philadelphia is Depressed."new

The problem was not that Edmund Bacon cared only about design: it was that he believed far too deeply in its power. He relied on a model of physical determinism: the idea that manipulation and improvement of the built environment could strongly influence, or even control, social and economic outcomes.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Nathaniel Popkin  |  12-21-2009  |  Housing & Development

An Excerpt From 'The Possible City' by Nathanial Popkinnew

Popkin is writer-in-residence at Philadelphia University. This is excerpted from his new book, The Possible City: Exercises in Dreaming Philadelphia, published by Camino Books in August 2008.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Nathaniel Popkin  |  09-09-2008  |  Excerpts

Michael Eric Dyson Examines MLK's Legacynew

Dyson assesses King's legacy for contemporary African-American leaders, including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Nathaniel Popkin  |  04-01-2008  |  Nonfiction

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