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James McMurty's Quixotic Questnew

Never-quite-was is more like it, as James McMurtry, the son of famed novelist and screenwriter Larry (Lonesome Dove) McMurtry, has yet to live up to the "next big thing" status bestowed on him when he burst out of the gates with his debut.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  02-22-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

Carl Sagan Protege Cliff Mass is Changing the Way Weather is Forecasted in Americanew

Mass is pushing the National Weather Service and the American meteorological community at large to move from a largely deterministic model of communicating weather forecasts to more complex, computer-driven "probabilistic" models.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  11-23-2009  |  Science

Manilow Buries Christopher Cross, Rick Astley, and the 1980snew

There's nothing ironic about the crooner's latest covers collection.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  03-16-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Exploring the Phenomenon of the Lesser Showbiz Brothernew

It's not unusual for siblings to enter similar lines of work. They share the same genes, after all. But when siblings enter a field in the public eye—be it sports, politics, or entertainment—how one compares to the other(s) becomes, well, quite public.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  03-09-2009  |  Performance

The Leon Hendrix Experiencenew

Leon's become accustomed to getting the short end of the stick. A former drug addict and small-time crook, he was famously cut out of his father's will -- and in turn, his brother Jimi's estate -- before Al Hendrix's death in 2002.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  03-09-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Neil Diamond Taps Los Volcanoes for Grammy Partynew

How an obscure local tejano band came to share a bill with Coldplay and Tim McGraw.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  02-10-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Lost Cats of Poverty Gulchnew

Felines and their owners struggle to survive along Seattle's wildest corridor.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  10-14-2008  |  Animal Issues

A Terrorist's Worst Enemies: Morissette, Oberst, and Mick Fleetwoodnew

If the CIA's going to break the bad guys, they're going to have to turn up the pain.
Seattle Weekly  |  Thomas Francis and Mike Seely  |  09-15-2008  |  Music

Joe Shikany's Last Waltznew

Friends say goodbye the Rimrock way.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  09-02-2008  |  Music

Mark Knopfler a Bigger Gay Icon Than George Michael?new

However belatedly, Michael has gradually eased into a late-career incarnation as a gay icon. But proof exists that Knopfler might be the bigger icon of the pair, and would therefore be more worthy of gay rock fans' hard-earned dollars.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  07-07-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Freddy 'Right On' Holzman and Lake City's Rimrock Revelationnew

All the bands Holzman plays in are cover bands, each includes Joe Shikany on either bass or lead guitar, and one of them plays the Rimrock Steak House on Lake City Way at least twice a week, making the 6'2" Holzman the Rimrock's de facto house drummer.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  04-21-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

A Defense of Adam Sandlernew

I will argue that, beneath their frat-house veneer, Sandler's movies are as clever and heartfelt as Judd Apatow's -- and that he is the bigger influence on today's Hollywood comedies, including those made by his old roomie.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  04-14-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Should Bruce Springsteen Be Forgiven?new

Arguments for reconsidering the missteps on the Boss' otherwise impeccable track record.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely, Hannah Levin and Brian J Barr  |  03-31-2008  |  Music

Is Airbus' Bird Too Big?new

The Air Force's size obsession has already cost Boeing billions. Will taxpayers have to shoulder an equally large burden?
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  03-24-2008  |  Business & Labor

The Seattle Times Is Fine With Dicknew

"Nuts" and (still) "vagina," however, are off-limits.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  03-24-2008  |  Media

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