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Disgusting Factory Farms More Disgusting Than You Thoughtnew

Untreated manure, the EPA, and the nastiness of cheap food.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  07-14-2011  |  Policy Issues

The Gentry Are Comingnew

What's not to like about better schools, lower crime rates and improved city services? A lot, if you can no longer afford to live here.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup and Michael Wall  |  05-04-2006  |  Housing & Development

Fighting the Powernew

Rev. Richard Cobble fights for intown transit in Atlanta.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  03-23-2006  |  Politics

Tackling Mercury Pollutionnew

Georgia's Environmental Protection Division just released one of the strongest air pollution rules in state history.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  03-09-2006  |  Environment

The Greenest Capitalistnew

Carpet king Ray Anderson's 1994 epiphany began his quest to become a completely sustainable carpet manufacturer.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  03-09-2006  |  Environment

Grassroots or Astroturf?new

A powerful transportation PAC claims to have Georgians' interests at heart, but donations from road builders cast suspicion.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  03-02-2006  |  Politics

Erosion Showdownnew

To the developers building subdivisions in Georgia's coastal counties, James Holland is a straight-up pain in the butt.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  02-23-2006  |  Housing & Development

What Might Have Beennew

Former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes publicly shared for the first time specifics on what he would have done to ease traffic and expand MARTA -- if only he'd been re-elected.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  02-09-2006  |  Politics

Environmental Electionnew

Most legislators want to be a friend of the environment on the campaign trail, even while they assault it in office.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  01-26-2006  |  Politics

The Revolution Has Begunnew

In a region where spending resources on great design often is viewed as frivolous, governments and cultural institutions usually concentrate on the bare minimum -- until now.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  01-19-2006  |  Business & Labor

Words From the Pulpitnew

For the past two months, a reporter has been visiting churches ranging from mega to mini, metro to suburban, conservative to liberal, to find out what's going on within the Christian faith
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  12-15-2005  |  Religion

Transit Experts Dis the Beltlinenew

A panel of transportation and planning experts is expected to issue a report Sept. 29 that offers the harshest criticism to date of the proposed 22-mile transit loop around the inner city.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  09-29-2005  |  Politics

The Little Beltline That Could Change Atlantanew

A proposed 22-mile ring of parks, paths and trains has become the rage of the city, winning praise from divergent interest groups.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall and Ken Edelstein  |  09-22-2005  |  Politics

Was Arson Eco-Terror?new

As many as 16 nearly complete houses have been torched in or near a posh golf-course development in Coweta County, according to the state Insurance and Safety Fire Commission. At least one of them was destroyed by fire three times.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  08-04-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Ikea Opens on Site of Old Industrial Wastelandnew

The June 29 opening of Ikea, a Swedish home furnishing store, at the mega-development Atlantic Station will mark a major milestone in Atlanta's growth into an actual metropolis, like Chicago or Boston.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Michael Wall  |  06-23-2005  |  Business & Labor

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