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A Community Meets to Save Hyperlocal Digital Journalismnew

Mike Fourcher is a new-media trailblazer in Chicago still looking for a formula for success.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  02-04-2013  |  Media

Wanted: Bitchy Commentary Befitting a Brutal Electionnew

Why are so many op-ed columnists off point? Because they're answering the wrong questions.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  09-06-2012  |  Media

Civic Planning—A Vanishing Beat?new

The American Planning Association's annual journalism awards for "outstanding coverage of city and regional planning issues" haven't been given out since 2009.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  05-30-2012  |  Media

Tribune Company Does Deal with Journaticnew

The Tribune Company announced Monday it's turning over TribLocal to Journatic—which the Tribune describes as a "Chicago-based media content provider" that "aggregates data." Not just Chicago-based, it's Tribune Tower-based, and Journatic's approach to journalism is to turn it into piecework done at home.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  04-24-2012  |  Media

Why the Chicago News Cooperative is Closingnew

James O'Shea, founder and editor of the Chicago News Cooperative, told his staff Friday afternoon that on February 26 the CNC would shut down. Or to be more specific, it would stop publishing in the New York Times and stop maintaining its website, the two forums in which it publicly exists.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  02-21-2012  |  Media

Dragging Drabble Through the Mudnew

Cartoons continue to be casualties of newspaper cost-cutting.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  11-08-2011  |  Media

Not Your Grandson's Tribune Any Longer?new

The Chicago Tribune is about to roll out changes in the print and online product that will add some gravitas. Staff meetings were scheduled for Monday to explain the changes, which the public could see as soon as mid-June.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  06-06-2011  |  Media

'About the Most Airtight Case of Innocence'new

How a legal storm capsized a petition to free a man who's been imprisoned for three decades.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  04-12-2011  |  Crime & Justice

It Didn't Start With Samnew

The story of the Tribune Company's decline is more nuanced than what you read in the New York Times.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  10-25-2010  |  Media

"Opinionating" Is Cheapnew

The strange, poignant logic behind Mayhill Fowler's decision to quit blogging for HuffPo.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  10-05-2010  |  Media

Our Warriorsnew

The terminology we use to describe our soldiers reveals the gap between us.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  09-13-2010  |  Media

The Martyr and the Stool Pigeonnew

Untold tales behind the release of the imprisoned Cuban journalists.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  07-26-2010  |  International

Whose Fault Is Scott Lee Cohen? A Reporter Becomes a Scapegoatnew

One hard look at the permanent record of the Democratic Party's new nominee for lieutenant governor — a look that might have been more profitably taken a week before the primary rather — and all voices rose as one. Why do we even have this useless office?
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  02-16-2010  |  Politics

Does 'Mother Jones' Know Best?new

Foundation funding and collaboration, touted as the way forward for news, have their own pitfalls.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  11-30-2009  |  Media

Could Less Star Power and More Depth Save the Chicago Sun-Times?new

Journalists who don't get their pictures in the paper alongside their stories tend to both envy and suspect the ones who do, believing those pictures fatten their paychecks, win them better tables in restaurants, and turn them into commodities.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  09-21-2009  |  Media

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