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Compromise 'Religion' Bill Becomes Law in Arkansasnew

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed SB 975, a compromise version of the bill originally aimed at creating a religious pretext to discriminate against gay people.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley and Benjamin Hardy  |  04-02-2015  |  LGBT

Arkansas's New Day; a Historic Republican Victorynew

It's not too early to say definitively that it was a historic day in Arkansas, a triumphant Republican tidal wave that holds every promise of being here for a long time to come.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  11-05-2014  |  Elections

Marriage Equality Comes to Arkansasnew

A state court overturns Arkansas's same-sex marriage ban.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley, David Koon, David Ramsey and Leslie Newell Peacock  |  05-14-2014  |  LGBT

Democrats, Griffin Differ on BP Demandsnew

A Tim Griffin news release today cites an Arkansas Times blog post in defense of the 2nd District Republican's position on BP's obligations in the Gulf oil disaster.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  06-16-2010  |  Environment

May a Thousand New ACORNs Take Rootnew

ACORN took formal steps last week toward dissolution, but its work will continue under similar organizations with new names.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  04-01-2010  |  Commentary

A Different Kind of Reality TV is Keeping Health Care Reform Alivenew

I'm optimistic -- uncharacteristically -- that something good might come of the great debate on health care legislation. If it does, it will because the people -- and their real stories -- will rule.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  10-22-2009  |  Commentary

What Do We See Five Months into the Obama Presidency?new

I can't accuse Obama of a lack of grit, but what I won't accept is the argument that larger issues are too pressing for Obama to divert his attention to so-called small stuff. He can walk and chew on more than one issue at a time. Human rights -- of women, gays, detainees, religious minorities -- are not small things. To borrow from his own words, if all aren't equal, none are.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  06-18-2009  |  Commentary

Huckabee's Obama Assassination Bad Libnew

"That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him, and he dove for the floor," said Huck. He apologized within hours, but primarily for giving unintentional offense. He offered no insight about the mental predisposition that would suggest humor in an assassination attempt.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  05-22-2008  |  Commentary

Arkansas Blog: "Huckabees Registered For Gifts," "Let Me Say," "A Word"new

AltWeeklies Award - Blog
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

Citizen Hucknew

What did Mike Huckabee accomplish, presuming he's not to be John McCain's running mate? For starters, the race made him far better known nationally, both for good and ill.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  03-13-2008  |  Commentary

American Politics is Still a Man's Worldnew

Barack Obama's inroads among white voters are explained, in part, by a gender divide.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  02-21-2008  |  Commentary

Who Can Beat John McCain?new

With the race for the Democratic presidential nomination down to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, electability has become a popular topic.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  02-14-2008  |  Commentary

President Huckabeenew

Speak these two words in the headline aloud ... you might need the practice.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  01-10-2008  |  Commentary

Mike Huckabee's Week that Wasnew

Huckabee's early devotion to the genial care and feeding of the national press paid dividends in his gaffe-ridden week. Many of the major news organizations treated the stories as little more than campaign blips or the work of opponents trailing in the polls.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  12-14-2007  |  Commentary

Arkansas: Are We Blue?new

Arkansans welcome immigrants, they favor legal abortion, they are growing increasingly comfortable with gay people and less comfortable with punishing them, and they favor Hillary Clinton for president. So then: Tell me again just how conservative Arkansas is.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  11-09-2007  |  Commentary

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