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FBI Gives Public a Peek at Warhol ‘Obscenity' Filenew

If you're looking for smut in the Andy Warhol film Lonesome Cowboys -- as the FBI was when it investigated the film's production in 1968 -- you'll find more explicit sex in the agency's report than ever made it onto screen.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  06-27-2011  |  Civil Liberties

Is California's Gay-Marriage Ban Sparking a New Generation of LGBT Activists?new

Misty Harvey has become a gay-rights leader by default. When Prop. 8 passed last month in California -- taking away same-sex marriage rights given to state residents in May -- Harvey sought a way to protest.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  12-08-2008  |  LGBT

Transgender Pennsylvanians Say 2009 Crucial for Equal Rightsnew

At a recent forum, transgender people and their supporters concluded that next year would be crucial for securing equal rights and protections from Harrisburg.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  11-24-2008  |  LGBT

Bob Barr Won't Win the White House, but He's Still Fighting to Be Heardnew

The former U.S. Congressman from Georgia has the misfortune of being the Libertarian Party's 2008 nominee for president in a year when third-party candidates have drawn scant attention.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  10-28-2008  |  Politics

Pennsylvania Again Trying to Ban Gay Marriagenew

Some state legislators are again trying to pass a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, despite a losing effort in 2006.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  03-10-2008  |  LGBT

Will Surveillance Cameras Make Pittsburgh Any Safer?new

When security-tech expert Bruce Schneier hears that millions of dollars are coming to Pittsburgh from the federal government to put surveillance cameras on our bridges, buildings and highways, "I just sigh and think, 'More money wasted.'"
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  03-03-2008  |  Civil Liberties

The Charged Debate on Tasersnew

They were supposed to make both police and citizens safer, but critics in Pittsburgh and elsewhere say stun guns are dangerous -- and that police are too quick to use them.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  11-20-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Pittsburgh Reaches Settlement with Antiwar Demonstratorsnew

The agreement will keep the 24-hour antiwar protesters within two marked sections of sidewalk along Forbes Avenue, and will keep city police officers from citing any more protesters for "obstructing passageways" while sitting or lying there during the rest of their nearly month-long fast and picket.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  10-01-2007  |  War

Katrina Relief's Unlikely Alliancenew

Rainbow Tribe and Christian Church members successfully teamed up to feed and heal Katrina victims, to even their surprise.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Renee Rosensteel and Marty Levine  |  01-11-2006  |  Disasters

Prison Escapee Tells Story of Mass Jailbreaknew

After Andrew Heim and five other convicts emerged from the tunnel that brought them out of Western Penitentiary in 1997, the adrenaline didn't wear off until they were halfway across Ohio.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  07-20-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Virginity Pledge Promoters: A Trojan Horse For Religion?new

Silver Ring Thing, a Pennsylvania ministry, is bringing its flashy abstinence-only sex-education show to a city near you, thanks to a million federal dollars. But even the group's leader says their virginity pledge won't work without the Lord.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  02-10-2005  |  Sex

The Ultimate Undecided Voternew

Meet Allen Denmarck. He was on the fence before there even was a fence.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  10-21-2004  |  Comedy

Organize Locally, Annoy Globallynew

At protests across the U.S., members of the Worldwide Street Preachers Fellowship target gays, Christians, women and liberals with signs worthy of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps. And, when arrested, they successfully sue cities for violating their First Amendment rights.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Marty Levine  |  08-10-2004  |  Civil Liberties

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