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Irving Fink on love, politics and agingnew

Fink's been writing poetry since the '40s, but only now, 92 years into a life spent defending civil liberties as a "real-life Atticus Finch," is he publishing his work.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  01-02-2013  |  Poetry

Jon Wilkman Talks About His PBS Doc 'Chicano Rock'

PBS documentary traces the music of the Mexican-Americans who ride up and down Whittier Blvd.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  12-04-2008  |  TV

Bill Maher: Pointing Out the Truth

The comedian talks about religion, television and why Obama's going to win.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  08-08-2008  |  Performance

10 Years of Nothing

It's been a decade since the last new episode of Seinfeld. Yet we're still watching.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  05-09-2008  |  TV

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bubba the Love Sponge

Back from FCC-imposed oblivion, the only true "shock jock" is on a roll.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  04-11-2008  |  Media

Jason Segel Bares it All in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

"There aren't too many women out there who love a small penis," he says. "You're basically being judged on one issue alone. So it was terrifying."
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  04-11-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

A Non-History Lesson

The Tudors is fun. But remember: It's Showtime, not the History Channel.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  03-19-2008  |  TV

Tommy, Can You Hear Him?

Having conquered Ireland, comedian Tommy Tiernan sets his sights on the United States.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  03-17-2008  |  Performance

Thanks for Nothing

The return of late-night TV did the striking writers no favors.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  01-07-2008  |  TV

New Kid in Town

CBS' Kid Nation emerges as one of the most interesting shows of the fall TV season.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  12-03-2007  |  TV

Back to the 'Futurama'

Four years after Fox left it for dead, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's Futurama has a new life.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  11-16-2007  |  TV

Keeping God Out of the Classroom

NOVA explores the court case that decided "intelligent design" has no place in public schools in Judgment Day.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  11-04-2007  |  TV

Mike Birbiglia Shares His Secret Public Journal Livenew

The comedian talks about his tour and his work.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  09-24-2007  |  Performance

The TV Season in 427 Words

Here's how the networks' new season shapes up.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  07-30-2007  |  TV

What's New on TV?

News and notes from the first week of the TV critics press tour.
NUVO  |  Marc D. Allan  |  07-15-2007  |  TV

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